Monday, November 29, 2010

New Accessories

My new accessory is....Wyatt (riding in my ring sling).  Ignore the bad photo (I took it myself with the camera timer) and also ignore the unfinished edges on the sling.  I haven't hemmed up the raw seams yet. 

I ordered the rings HERE and then just got some cheap fabric at JoAnn's.  I followed THIS website for the no-sew instructions and how to thread the rings.  I haven't had a chance to use it much yet...just walking to the mailbox, but it feels super secure and a lot more comfortable and hands-free.  I am excited to try it out when we make a trip to the library later this week to return and check out some new books.

Wyatt's accessory of the day...his paci holder.  We don't really use it anymore b/c he only takes one at night (sometimes), but he found it and it is his new toy.  Normally he totes around the remote, 24/7, so I was happy to see a new "tote-along".  I have been calling it his purse all day and telling him "oops, you dropped your purse!"  I'm sure JB will love that I am teaching him to carry a least it is a manly brown :)

Note that blurry left foot...he is a SUPER WALKER now!  He will be running in no time!


  1. Ring sling looks fantastic! I have to use a carrier at the library or Trent tries to get down and run away. He also wants to take the books from me (or my keys) and the staff have a hard time getting either from him to check out the books. Ha!

  2. I'm impressed! I'll hire you to make me one when Alexandra is big enough to carry on my hip! :-) I really like the fabric choice. Wyatt is soooo big now! We have that paci holder too. Love that you call it his purse. Haha.