Thursday, November 11, 2010

Product (Food) Review: McRib

....more like the McROB me of 3 dollars.  Today after seeing all the hype on TV commercials of the McRib, I decided to run thru McDonald's and give it a try.

I am not a "real meat" snob.  I eat McNuggets and LOVE them, but I can truthfully not say that the "meat" that is used for the faux ribs is even edible.  They try to mask it on a fairly tasty bun with lots of bbq sauce, pickles and onions (note: I left off the onions). I was so disappointed. I should have just gone thru the Cousin's drive thru to get a bbq sandiwch.

The only saving grace of my meal.....the fries - can't beat McDonald's fries!

I give the McRib sandwich a C+.

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