Wednesday, December 8, 2010

11 months and one week

So I have slacked on monthly Wyatt blog posts.  I forgot to do his 'giraffe in the chair' picture entirely for 10 months, so now I just feel like there is no use doing one now that he is getting so close to his first birthday (mommy whimper).  Ugh, I can't believe how fast this year has gone...anyway, back to his update post.

What's going on with Wyatt??

Mode of Transportation: He RUNS everywhere.

Toy/Entertainment: All the little guy wants to do lately is run around the house with something in his hand, which makes me SO on edge.  It is usually his remote (old one with no batteries) or his paci holder, but sometimes he picks objects that seem so dangerous, like the spatula from his kitchen set.  He loves his school bus that he can put the people in and out of  and it sings 'the wheels on the bus'. He spends a good amount of time with his kitchen set.  He LOVES SpongeBob and laughs so much at the cartoon, but I realize he will have to stop watching it when he gets older so that I don't have to deal with trying to explain to him that bodily functions aren't appropriate humor (burping, farting, etc).  He also likes Sesame Street. 

Bottles: He only takes one bottle a day (bedtime).  I eliminated the breakfast bottle last week and a couple days later, he dropped his lunchtime bottle. I know I could probably pull the bedtime one pretty easily, but JB and I agreed that Mommy & Daddy want another week of enjoying that quiet time with him in the evenings.  We'll pull the bedtime bottle beginning of next week.  SO, we will be completely off bottles before Christmas. 

Eating: Wyatt is a good eater and loves his whole milk.  His fav foods are pasta, anything with cheese(quesadillas, grilled cheese sandwiches), and any fruits, including tomatoes (although bananas are our little monkey's favorite).  He is good about veggies and really turns his nose up at very little - when he does, it is just that he doesn't want to eat it at that meal, but he'll most likely eat it the next time you offer it to him. 

Speech/communication: Quiet Wyatt is still not a big talker - he grunts a lot.  He says Mama and Dada (but only when he wants to, he will not do it on command).  He also says the T sound of "ta" and points at the Christmas tree.  He will wave hi and bye.  He also has one sign language sign - the milk sign - which he uses not only for milk but anything else he wants.  He will point at whatever he wants and then do the "gimmie" sign.  Although he doesn't say many words yet, he does know what a lot of things are and will point to them when mama, dada, puppy or Sully, toes, fan, book, ball, christmas tree, etc.

Growth: I have no clue how much he weighs, I just know he gets heavy :) I estimate it is around 21-22 lbs.  Wyatt has started to thin out a bit.  He doesn't seem to be getting much taller, but I am sure he is.  His feet are finally growing, so we can buy him cool shoes now - I got him a pair of awesome Nike's yesterday!  His top two teeth broke through this past weekend, so by Christmas we should be able to see 4 teeth!

We are SO blessed.  Wyatt is a super loving, happy and easy-going kid. He plays so well independently when I am cooking or bustling around the house, but loves when you read to him, roll the ball with him or chase him (his FAVORITIE game). 

He has started showing more of an interest in dancing to songs when he hears them, so I am excited about our Mommy & Me music class we will start in January!

It is so funny to start dressing him like a little man lately - we went to dinner for Uncle Taylor's birthday on Sunday and he had a button down shirt with a sweater over it. These are the best pics I could get, as JB had gone to warm up the car and he kept hollering to leave with him.

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