Wednesday, December 1, 2010

At the Mall with Cousins

Last Wednesday before Thanksgiving (yeah yeah, I am a little late and out of order), we met up with my sister and her girls to have fun at the mall for a bit.  Both my sis and I should have been home baking and packing for our travels to my parents the next day but EH, gotta have fun sometimes :)  Grace (who is in 2nd grade) was off from school and she never gets to pal around with us during the week.

So, here are some pics from our fun...seeing Santa, taking pics in front of the big Christmas tree, and riding the carousel (Wyatt was still finishing lunch, so we just watched this time). 

NOTE:  Some of the pics although rotated properly on my computer would not load correctly.  For now they are sideways, but I am working to fix them!

Tessa Rose, 2 1/2 years old

All of them are at least looking in the same general direction.

The hugs he doesn't is the frizzy hair in the face that he just isn't fond of.  But oh how Tess loves to hug Baby Wyatt.

Checking out the tree.

Wyatt loves his cousin, Grace (7 1/2 years old) but he was ready to go and done with pics by this time.

Meltdown beginning.

Full Meltdown Mode.

Telling Santa what to bring her!


Pretty Gracie!

He loves to watch the carousel riders!

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