Monday, January 31, 2011

13 Months Old

If I had written this post on Wyatt's actual 13 month birthday, it would be VERY different.  In the last couple days, my sweet easy-going fella has become a whiney, tantrum throwing nerd.  Whoever stole my kid and replaced him with this alien, please return him IMMEDIATELY.  I will pay the ransom!

We are hoping this is just teething and not a sudden switch into nasty toddlerism.

For Wyatt's 13 month birthday, on Friday, we celebrated by having lunch with Daddy downtown.  We strolled around a bit, enjoying the beautiful weather and got to see some of the ESPN stages being setup for the Super Bowl.

After that, we met up with the other 13 month olds, Luke and Brody, and their Mommy, Courtney and big brother, Cole, at the zoo.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day!  Thought we should enjoy the weather while it lasts (hello big winter storm headed our way).

Wyatt holding hands with Brody, and Luke, with a mouthful of PB&J.


- Wy points at EVERYTHING, wanting you to name it and then let him touch it. The past few days, if there is not enough touching allowed, an all out crying fit ensues.  He really loves pressing the beeping buttons in the microwave and turning on and off lights.

- Wy's fav foods are grilled cheese, PB&J, waffles, bananas, mandarin oranges.  Usually a good eater, he has hit an anti-veggie and not interested in eating much phase - again hoping this is just the teething.

- He has started really paying attention to music on the radio and TV.  He dances (read: bounces and bobs) when he hears it. We go to music class at TCU once a week and he enjoys it and gets more 'involved' everytime we go.

- I can't really list words he can say b/c one day he'll walk around pointing at duck's in his book and say "duck" and then we won't hear the word for a week or more. He readily uses Mama, Dada, NightNight (only for naps), MumMum (for food or drink), and his lastest addition Grandad. Although he will say it when he points to a picture of my Dad, he also just wanders around the house saying it. They came to visit this weekend so it is fresh on his mind. He'll also make certain noises for his trucks, says "moo, baa-baa, and neigh" when reading animal books. Most of the time though, all animals, when asked, make the monkey noise. 

- We still have no stranger anxiety and are not afraid of the dark (he'll wander into any room of the house and play, even with no lights on).  He has no fear and is ready to run everywhere.  I see a monkey backpack with a leash tail in our future.

- Still only have 4 teeth, but are working on some more.

- Wyatt always wants to be outside.  He spends half of the day at the backdoor begging for me to take him out.  He hollers "Mama!" and then points at the knob when I come over.  I have done it as much as possible lately (even with the cedar fever, I just dope myself up on allergy meds), but I know he is going to get some bad cabin fever when the weather turns cold this week.

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  1. I don't want to jinx myself, but Trent's tantrums are fewer and further between. Don't get me wrong, he still has a TON of them, but maybe it's just that I've gotten better at handling them? The hair-pulling is almost a thing of the past and definitely less head banging off walls and the floor... So I hope it's a short-lived phase with y'all!