Sunday, January 9, 2011

Book Review: Repairman Jack Series by F. Paul Wilson

I just finished my first book of the year - Infernal by F. Paul Wilson.   

Repairman Jack is a guy you go to get things "fixed".  He is basically a mercenary living off the grid that can handle "iffy" situations for those who need him.  While on his jobs and just in his general life, he encounters some weird stuff.

They are great books....perfect for traveling, waiting at the doctor's office and just mindless entertainment.  Definitely not thought riveting or make you smarter kind of books.  They are definitely full of science fiction, but not like he is Hans Solo - Jack lives in NY in present times.

I have read three of them so far (The Tomb, Conspiracies and Infernal).....not in order and I skipped around.  I kind of wish I would have read them in order, because there are elements of his personal life that are put in the books.  But each can stand on its own.  I am sure I will read more of them to continue filling my quota for the year.

Here is Wilson's webpage if you want to check it out.  He also just started a young reader's line!

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  1. Never even heard of these but they sound great!