Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas 2010

We had a good Christmas this year.  As with every year it is a little hectic trying to make sure we get to see everyone and get everywhere and this year it was especially new with having Wyatt with us.  He did fabulous though.

Christmas Eve we went to the kid's service at First Presbyterian downtown and Wy did great.  The only time he didn't sit quietly in my lap and listen was when we, the congregation clapped and cheered during the Christmas story and it startled him, so I had to slip out with him for a bit to calm him down.  After that, we drove to Dallas for the Annual Woolley Family Christmas Party (my father-in-law's family).  Wyatt was the hit of the party. He is the only great-grandchild and they haven't had a baby in the family in 12 years, so he was having fun with all the attention.  He spent the whole night just running through the house. 

Christmas morning we had Santa gifts at our house and went to JuJu and Doc's for breakfast so we could see Grandma Margaret (who had not felt well enough to come to the Christmas Eve party).  We then got on the road to Georgetown. We spent Saturday thru Monday with my family.

I was HORRIBLE about taking pics and didn't get any of our Christmas with the Strong side of the family - but as many of you know, Wyatt's Doc has a camera permenantly attached around his neck, so I am sure I can get them from him and add to this post later.

Here are a couple from "Santa" at our house and opening one of his favorite gifts this year - his car from Nana and Grandad.  It was also nice weather at Nana and Grandad's so we got to play outside some.  Wyatt would rather be outisde running around than anywhere else.

Santa brought Wyatt a super cute chair, new car blanket with puppies on it and a puppy to love.

And boy does he LOVE his puppy.  He totes it around everywhere.  I think this one might be one of those that Mommy has to repair later on b/c he might hang around for a while.

His legs are still a little short (surprise surprise) to reach the floor, but it comes with a baseboard so that he can just ride while we push him.

Giving Cousin Tessa a turn.  We had to work on "turns" a lot with the car and these two.

Hanging outside with Grandad.

Figuring out the Dora 4-wheeler!

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