Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Double the sugar, Double the fun

Wyatt was a very lucky boy this year to have 2 birthday parties.  We decided to celebrate with my family while we were down in Georgetown with everyone and then hosted JB's family (less Aunt Christal who was skiing) at our house on Wyatt's birthday evening.

He did great with both cakes (the boy loves desserts)!  As with Christmas presents, he wasn't super interested in unwrapping gifts, but loved all his new toys when they were out of the boxes and ready to be played with.

Going at his super big smash cake (we didn't realize it would be so big) at his 1st, 1st birthday party.  He even wore his hat the whole time!

SO, maybe the blue icing was not such a smart idea! Haha.  Wyatt dove into his 2nd 1st birthday cake!

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