Wednesday, January 26, 2011


This is by no means a great photo, but it makes me smile.  We hosted playgroup yesterday and had a great time with old and new friends.  I forgot to take pictures throughout the event, but snapped one after everyone had left but some of our besties, the Plumbley twins (Luke & Brody).  Sully had been forced to stay in the laundry room for the morning (he would want to lick all the babies), so when it was just the triple trouble crew left, I let him out to clean up the floors.  I let him outside and all the boys were wanting him to come back in.

I love Wyatt's smile in this picture...he was a bit sad during playgroup that his most favorite playmate was locked up.  When I let him out he was laughing and SO excited to see Sully.  His little smile looks like "thanks mom"!

It is so hard to believe it has only been 11 months since they looked like the below pic (it was taken on their 2 month birthday).  My how fast the time flies!


  1. me too, court! those little dino outfits were so soft! sweet little luke all asleep and wyatt was in his barfy stage so he constantly had to have a bib. haha.