Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fun Mom, Crazy Mom

I know it is only a few years away that I will hear "ahh, mom! you're no fun!".  So I wanted to document a time when I was a fun Mom.

On Sunday, I asked JB to get our mini bounce house down from the attic.  My parents found it a while back at a garage sale.  We were hosting playgroup on Tuesday and I was hoping the weather might cooperate for the kids to be able to play outside for a bit (it didn't). Anyway, JB went to work on Sunday afternoon and I stared at the deflated bounce house on the back patio.  It was cold and I didn't want to mess with sitting out there with the compressor blowing it up.  So, after doing some eyeballing-it measurements, I drug it into the house and into our entryway - perfect fit!

Needless to say, JB was a little surprised when he came home to find a fun house filling up our entrway!  No, I will not always allow outside toys in the house, but an exception every once in a while is okay, right? 

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