Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

I polled my Facebook friends and got quite the list of books to read this year. So, armed with list in hand, Wyatt and I headed to the library last week.  Many of the books were new popular ones, so they weren't available and I hadn't had the chance to go online and reserve them. 

I checked out The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls.  She is a journalist and I think is featured a lot on  This is her memoirs of her childhood being raised by two very eccentric parents.  Although eccentric is just really the PC term for crazy and irresponsible.

As I read the first few chapters, I didn't know if I could continue reading this book. It is disturbing sometimes, the neglect she and her 3 siblings received.  But she manages to write the book in a way that she shows the "good" that was experienced, how it built her as a person and how incredibly she and her siblings managed to accomplish what they did after such an upbringing.  She also manages to write it in a way that she does not show a lot of anger towards her parents, which was amazing.  It is a quick read - I finished it in about a week (just reading in the evenings before bed).

She is a very admirable woman and it was a true uplifting story in the end about acceptance of people and situations and rising above those things that could easily prevent you from achieving your dreams.  I look forward to reading some more of her books and writings.

NOTE: If you do not use your public library, you are DUMB and letting a fantastic free resource go to waste. I used to be dumb as well and bought the books I wanted to read. Even though I went to Half Price Books most times, I still should not have spent the money when I could get a book for FREE.

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  1. I LOVED this book and felt the same way you did - almost couldn't finish it. I also LOVE the public library sytem. :) We are such nerds.