Wednesday, January 5, 2011

John Wyatt is 1 Year Old!!

- Wyatt no longer walks, he RUNS everywhere.  He is super fast too! Also adding to his new physical capabilities - dancing.  Although it is more like a bounce with a serious face, but it is super cute.

- His favorite toy is a stuffed bear that he picked out at Brookstone, for 7 dollars.  Santa brought it to him.  He totes it EVERYWHERE and I think it is definitely earning the title of "THE TOY".

- Wyatt is a super focused kid....he will sit for long periods of time playing with his kitchen set, reading books (he LOVES books) and putting his sorting blocks in and out of their bucket.  Although he isn't able to know which holes the blocks go in yet, if you point to the one to put it in, he can maneuver it in with impressive dexterity.  He was doing this over and over last night and actually started crying when JB stopped helping him.  He loves doing detailed things, like turning on and off the light switches.

- Height and weight will have to come a little late, as our 1 year checkup is not until January 17th.  He wears 12 month clothes, generally, although many of our pants are 9 month size - dang those Strong stubby legs!  He thinned out for a bit when he started running so much, but has plumped back up again. He still wins the award for the softest most kissable chubby cheeks.

- He is still not a "talker".  He babbles and makes all sorts of noises, including the new one of clicking his tongue and then laughing, but other than "dada" "mama" and "mum mum" (food) we don't get much else.
 that is consistently recognizable.  Sometimes he will tell you "neh neh" (sounds almost like no-no) if you are doing something he doesn't want you to....think he is told no-no sometimes? HAHA

-Wyatt is constantly giving the finger...the pointer finger that is.  He points and grunts at EVERYTHING, wanting you to name it. He won't repeat it, just kind of gives a satisfied look that says "noted, maybe I will say that later."

-Although a man of few words, he can identify a lot of things....night night, shoes, toes, family members (mama, dada, sully), fan, light, ball, puppy (stuffed animal), fire truck and other toys. He also definitely understands phrases like "come on back" which is what I holler when he has been too long in another room.  He also definitely understands "let's go" and will head to the garage door or "dada's home" and he and Sully both head to the garage door. 

- Wyatt has 4 teeth (two on top and two on bottom) and with the amount of drool and lack of sleep that is going on these past couple weeks, we are pretty sure there are some more teeth coming in.

- His most impressive party trick - he is working on dribbling the kickball with his feet. We us his Yookidoo tent like a coal and he will kick it in there and then clap and holler "YAH!" for himself (we sound like a Swede when we celebrate).  If concentrating and not distracted, he will dribble the ball around the bar in our kitchen. It is quite impressive - ESPECIALLY SINCE I TAUGHT HIM :)  Daddy was very happy with me that I have started him early on soccer :)

The next Landon Donovan?  He is destined to have the same hairline - sorry, had to get a jab at JB in there ;)
 -The most fun thing....I could write TWICE as much on this blog about all the new things he is doing, but I don't want to inundate y'all too much with "my kid is so cool" facts.  I won't make a promise..but I will TRY to keep his updates a little shorter from now on.

Best thing about being 1 year old ?  You get to eat PB&J sandwiches - YUM!!!

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