Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Me Maintenance

I originally had an item on my 2011 list of "Get healthy" but it didn't correctly describe what my goal is, so I have changed it to "Me maintenance."  As it is not about getting into shape or something, but just overall keeping myself (mind and body) fit.  HAHA, who's blog did you think you were reading?  Did you really think I meant I was going to workout!?!?  HAHAHAHA

I am going to start being better about going to a spa treatment every once in a while (good for the mind and body), telling myself it is okay to sit on the couch and watch TV while Wyatt naps (instead of spending the hour frantically doing house chores), just maintaining balance in my life in general.  I have been pretty good about it, but as the title says "maintenance" it is about keeping/maintaining that balance.  And if anything gets put on the back burner, 9 times out of 10 it is me or dusting :)

Okay, I'm going to be honest here.  I turned 30 and everything just started to go to hell.  I have been diagnosed with vertigo (rare for someone of my age), am struggling harder than ever to try to maintain my weight (I just wish I could hit 100lbs), my skin is looking tired and my hair has been falling out ever since I gave birth to Wyatt (OVER A YEAR AGO!!).  So, I am going to work on what I can. 
I am vowing to GAIN WEIGHT - yes, yes, I know many of you just spit at your computer screens at that statement, but I have enacted PROJECT EAT around my house where I am counting calories and trying to put some junk in my trunk.  All of those that know me well, know I have constantly struggled to put on weight but what used to just be a high metabolism (although still there) is also a bad habit of not eating enough during the day while I chase after an active toddler. 
I once read "Extra weight when you are younger, makes you look old.  Extra weight when you are older, makes you look young."  So now as I age, I need that extra fat to help fill out the approaching lines and wrinkles that are forming on my body! 
In addition to gaining weight, I am also vowing to start using PRODUCTS.  I know there are no miracle creams and vitamins out there, and it is a little late now to prevent the age spots that are already covering my body BUT, I can prevent more from coming!  So I am going to be better about washing and moisturizing my face before bedtime, applying eye cream (stay tuned for a future post) and never leaving the house without my sunscreen.
Let the maintenance begin!

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  1. Wonderful goal! You do need to take care of yourself. Good luck!