Saturday, January 22, 2011

Product Review: Dritz Res Q Tape

Want to be able to wear flats with a pair of pants one time and heels the next?  NO PROBLEM!

For more than a few years now, I have always kept a supply of Res Q Tape in my utility room.  When I wore suits everyday, I especially used to to be able to wear different shoes with my pants.  now I use it or all sorts of things. 

It is even strong enough to use to "hem" up jeans to be worn with flats during the summer.  It stays well and I just have to remember to remove it before I throw them in the wash.

I have found other uses for it as well.  Have a stubborn belt where the end always sticks out?  Use a little tape to keep it down. Getting dressed and suddenly notice a hem on a shirt that is coming undone? Stick some tape on it now and worry about fixing it later!


  1. No iron needed. That is the more permanent bonding tape. This is just super two-sided tape. I just turn the pants inside out, flip it up and iron it to make it lay flat and then just put the tape on. Works best if it the material is not hot.

  2. I can't get the protective cover off the second side. Suggestions?