Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Little Giant of Aberdeen County by Tiffany Baker

I loved this book and found it so interesting and unique than anything I have read recently.

Synopsis (per me) much is contained in this book, it is hard to summarize. Basically it is the story of the life of a woman named Truly, who is a "giant" in a small town full of other interesting characters.  It follows her life from birth until old age and all the experiences she encounters from her childhood of pain and being ostracized to the selfless act of stepping up to raise her nephew, to the life path she finds in the stitching of a quilt. 

This was written just a couple years ago and was Ms. Baker's (a mom of 3 from California) debut book.  What an incredible beginning.  I think the best thing about it is how she develops each character thoroughly.  She allows you to see each of their good and bad sides. 

Go check it out from your local library!  A special thanks to my friend, Dawn, who recommended it to me!

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  1. the shoutout! Glad you liked it...I'm reading Gone with The Wind now. Figured I'd go back to the classics that I've never read- it's so good. Wanna do lunch next week?