Monday, February 7, 2011

Public Restroom

I rarely go to the bathroom by myself anymore.  It is just part of being a mom and especially a SAHM.  I "close the door" to the bathroom, but still leave it open a crack so I can hear Wyatt playing in the living room and so if he wants, he can come in. 

Wyatt usually comes screeching around the corner if he hears me go in the bathroom as he LOVES clearing out all the extra toilet paper and kleenex under the sink and using it to stack.  He is pretty dang good at TP towers.  Usually about 15 seconds after Wy joins me, Sully also decides it must be a party he can't miss, so he comes in as well.  Sully really doesn't give me any sort of privacy - Wyatt plays on the floor "building" for the next few minutes - but Sully comes in, takes a seat on the bathmat and stares at me. 

It is not like I spend a lot of time in the bathroom, but sometimes I wouldn't mind spending that time in a private bathroom and look forward to when I can say "GET OUT!" Or, maybe when that time comes, I'll enjoy it for a bit, but then long again for the days when Wyatt wanted to hang out with his mommy 24/7 (even a stinky bathroom).

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