Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow Baby

Last week, we definitely got some winter weather!  It was Wyatt's first time to play in the snow and he LOVED it.  Sully was begging us to go back in the warm house, but not Wyatt....we had to make him go inside in before his nose froze. 

We are excited to take him skiing when he gets a bit older, especially his daddy (I don't really ski), but I want him to be an expert skier, so he won't be afraid of the lifts and stuff like his weenie mom.

Checking everything out.

Daddy and Wyatt

I like scooping the snow off the plants!

Where are you going, Sully?  Why don't you like staying out here in the snow with us?

This is fun!


  1. I'm with you on the skiing! I want Sanders to learn, but won't be joining him on the slopes!

  2. I love how bundled up y'all are - so cute. Also, I meant to comment on your last post, but I totally agree about the public restroom business. Trent can pitch a total fit if I go to the bathroom and Janet too!