Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Product Review : Moby Wrap

I don't usually post links to other blogs/websites on here, but I was forwarded this giveaway and thought I would pass it on:


More than anything, it just gives me the opportunity to promote a product that I LOVE.  I could not have survived my first 9 months of motherhood without the Moby Wrap. Or at least, my back would have not survived and there would have been A LOT less cleaning and cooking done at my house.  With #2 on the way, the Moby Wrap was the first thing I thought of that I will definitely need to find in the attic. 

I was at Target the other day and noticed a pregnant lady, of little stature like myself, checking out a baby sling.  I asked if I could be nosey and if she was a first time mom.  She said she was and had been trying to figure out what time of carrier to buy.  I told she had to get a Moby and after that, the Bjorn.  She asked me all sorts of questions about is feeling secure and washability and I told her about my problems as a petite person and she said that had been her concern as well with the peanut shell kind that don't really adjust.  At the end of our conversation, she said she didn't have a doubt in her mind now and was headed home to buy one online.  It made me happy to help her out.

Wyatt (about a month old) snuggled in his Moby.  This must have been taken the second I put him in it, b/c usually he would be fast asleep within a few minutes of being "tucked in".

Monday, March 28, 2011

Blog Hiatus is Over

Seems like forever since I have blogged.  Things have been a little hectic around our house, so I'll just do one super long update blog and then hopefully will be back up on the blogging bandwagon.

A lot of the blog hiatus has probably been to my morning (all day) sickness.  I have been super fatigued and barfy feeling.  I was prett sick at the beginning with Wyatt, so it is not a surprise.  I know it just means my levels are good and so I try not to gripe about it too much.  I go for my next doctor's appt next Monday, April 4th, so I'll give a good update then.  We have had our first sono and everything looked great with a strong heartbeat.

Just had our 15 month checkup today.  Darn genetics have finally caught up to our little guy.  We were previously 50th percentile in height and weight and 75th in head circumference. 

15 month stats:

23.2 lbs : 25th percentile
29.4 inches tall : 10th percentile
48 cm head : 75th percentile

He actually measured 29.5 inches tall at his 12 month.  No, I don't think he shrunk but I had already guessed he had not grown b/c all of his pants still fit him. 

We love our pediatrician and he said again how bold/brave of a kid Wyatt is.  He smiles shyly when he enters the room for about a minute and then goes to check Dr. W out.  We definitely don't know a stranger.  I asked Dr. W about Wyatt not having a ton of words and he said he was on-track, where as he has always been ahead with so many things, I was just getting accustomed to that. 

Also told him about our upcoming addition and he gave me a little pamphlet but said we could talk more about "big brother prep" when we came for his 18 month.  His children are also 22 months apart, so he said he could give me lots of doctor and parent advice.

A few weeks ago we got a bit of upsetting news in our family.  My middle sister, Amanda, was having some strange medical problems and thru different tests and visiting doctors, they have found a tumor, wrapped around a nerve at the base of her brain.  She has been having many doctor's appts and we are hoping to have a surgery date set soon, but there is more than one surgeon that has to be involved in its removal as it is in a sensitive place.  She goes back tomorrow for more MRI's and we hope these will be the final ones that the surgeons can make a decision about the approach they will use and we will set a date for surgery.  There is only a small chance of it being malignant so that is some weight off, but her recovery will be long and rough due to the tumors location and all the things that will have to be disrupted to remove it. 

So we are taking each day and doctor's appointment at a time and doing lots of praying.  I am SO proud of her and how she is handling this.  She (and all of us) are just ready to get this behind her and have her back healthy.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wyatt - 14 Months

Wow, this year is already flying by.  Wyatt turned 14 months on Monday.

Facts about our 14 month old:

-He is a little love bug.  He is giving kisses constantly now.  Yesterday at the grocery store, he kept pulling me to him and giving me kisses while he was riding in the cart.

-Still a pointer and grunter we don't have a lot of new words, but he definitely finds a way to get his point across, even if it is taking you by the hand and showing you want he wants you to do.

-Still a great eater, although the past couple weeks he has been a bit picker than normal.  He has been boycotting turkey and chicken.

-He has 4 teeth on top and still only 2 on bottom.

- He really enjoys his music class - he more observes while he is there, but when we get home, he does all the movements when I play the CD. 

- He CAN use silverware and we cheer and holler when we see him do it (which makes him laugh) but then he usually goes back to holding the silverware in one hand and eating with the other. We now can eat with a plate at the big table with Mommy and Daddy (it makes him look so grownup)!

He is such a joy and happy kid.  We get a tantrum (which usually only lasts about a minute) about once a week but that is about it.  JB and I  always wonder if all parents think there kids are so stinkin' cute (we assume so) because we DEFINITELY do.

I now eat like a big boy at the table with Mommy & Daddy!

Playing ball with Sully.

Good thing Sully doesn't mind Wyatt stealing the balls from him!