Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Product Review : Moby Wrap

I don't usually post links to other blogs/websites on here, but I was forwarded this giveaway and thought I would pass it on:


More than anything, it just gives me the opportunity to promote a product that I LOVE.  I could not have survived my first 9 months of motherhood without the Moby Wrap. Or at least, my back would have not survived and there would have been A LOT less cleaning and cooking done at my house.  With #2 on the way, the Moby Wrap was the first thing I thought of that I will definitely need to find in the attic. 

I was at Target the other day and noticed a pregnant lady, of little stature like myself, checking out a baby sling.  I asked if I could be nosey and if she was a first time mom.  She said she was and had been trying to figure out what time of carrier to buy.  I told she had to get a Moby and after that, the Bjorn.  She asked me all sorts of questions about is feeling secure and washability and I told her about my problems as a petite person and she said that had been her concern as well with the peanut shell kind that don't really adjust.  At the end of our conversation, she said she didn't have a doubt in her mind now and was headed home to buy one online.  It made me happy to help her out.

Wyatt (about a month old) snuggled in his Moby.  This must have been taken the second I put him in it, b/c usually he would be fast asleep within a few minutes of being "tucked in".

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  1. I loved my Moby too! Mainly because I was crazy and didn't want to put Trent down but needed to use my arms. Ha!