Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wyatt - 14 Months

Wow, this year is already flying by.  Wyatt turned 14 months on Monday.

Facts about our 14 month old:

-He is a little love bug.  He is giving kisses constantly now.  Yesterday at the grocery store, he kept pulling me to him and giving me kisses while he was riding in the cart.

-Still a pointer and grunter we don't have a lot of new words, but he definitely finds a way to get his point across, even if it is taking you by the hand and showing you want he wants you to do.

-Still a great eater, although the past couple weeks he has been a bit picker than normal.  He has been boycotting turkey and chicken.

-He has 4 teeth on top and still only 2 on bottom.

- He really enjoys his music class - he more observes while he is there, but when we get home, he does all the movements when I play the CD. 

- He CAN use silverware and we cheer and holler when we see him do it (which makes him laugh) but then he usually goes back to holding the silverware in one hand and eating with the other. We now can eat with a plate at the big table with Mommy and Daddy (it makes him look so grownup)!

He is such a joy and happy kid.  We get a tantrum (which usually only lasts about a minute) about once a week but that is about it.  JB and I  always wonder if all parents think there kids are so stinkin' cute (we assume so) because we DEFINITELY do.

I now eat like a big boy at the table with Mommy & Daddy!

Playing ball with Sully.

Good thing Sully doesn't mind Wyatt stealing the balls from him!

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