Friday, April 8, 2011

2011 To Do List - EPIC FAIL

Who I am to buck this new catch phrase of "EPIC FAIL".  I don't know when it became so popular but I see it in Facebook statuses all the time and I thought it was appropriate here. 

With the upcoming new addition to our family in October, I was going to do a revision to my 2011 list but decided it was not proper to "alter it" but instead should just scratch the whole thing.  With my "create a new mom style" being converted to "find room in my closet for the maternity expando pants" and "start playing the guitar again" being replaced wtih "find time to move the office to make room for another nursery" there just seems no point. 

The one thing I do want to complete is my book goal.  If you would have told me even a year ago that I would enjoy reading so much and make time for it, I would have called you crazy.  But it is something I really enjoy finding time for. 

So drumroll please........"2011 To Do List" has been changed to "2011 Book List"

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  1. Hee-larious!! Love ya and your outlook on life!