Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So, my 81 year old neighbor called me during Wyatt's naptime today while I was busily doing things around the house.  She is the sweetest thing and checks on us about once a week, seeing how I am feeling and she tells me how she is doing. 

I was super distracted doing other things and suddenly my cell phone started ringing as well and I was telling her I had to go.  So as I get off the phone, in my distracted stupor I saw "Bye.  I love you.  Talk to you later!" though she were someone in my family or close friends.  We hung up.

So awkward.  I mean she is a nice lady but we are not super close.  You do the whole - do I call her back and tell her I didn't mean to say "i love you" but then you wonder, did she even hear me say that? So strange...I feel horribly weird about it.  I guess it could be saying "I love you" to your accountant or something.

Anyone else have an awkward phone moment like this or does it just happen to me?

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