Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cheering for the Chinese

With Wyatt's pregnancy I was really indifferent as to whether we had a boy or girl.  I was actually kind of hoping for a boy (having a family FULL of girls) and being the 5th grandchild for my parents, it was fun when we found out he would be something "new".  The chinese gender charts actually predicted Wyatt to be a girl.

They also predict this little one to be a girl - I am hoping this time they are right.  For the first month or so, I actually thought I would prefer another boy - seeing as how my family is still FULL of girls.  Also when them being so close in age, they would be life-long buds and the practical side of me realized I would have to buy nothing if this child is a girl. 

BUT....as time goes on and we are just 6 weeks away from finding out, I am really trying hard not to get him hopes up for a girl.  JB has his golfing buddy.  I want my girly buddy.  I want to decorate a room in frills.  I want to have someone to go shopping with for her prom dress and wedding dress.  I want someone to watch become a mother, just like my mom has done with her daughters. 

JB and I have always said we wanted 3 kids, but who knows if after this one, we just might decide our family is complete and I would really like a daughter to nuture and watch grow and mature.  So, I am hoping the Chinese are right this time.  AND, of course I will still be happy with another boy, but I would feel so privileged if God blessed me both a little boy and a little girl.



  1. We were hoping for a boy with Alexandra and kinda didn't know how to react when we found out she was a girl. However, we both are super glad we got a girl! She's so sweet and fun. Hopefully the Chinese are right for you!!! Have you done the ring test over your tummy?

  2. I love having a little boy (and I know you do too) and would love to have more boys in the future. The thing about having a boy though is that they grow up and leave. I have to hope my son(s) fall in love with girls I can get along with. Girls are your friends forever! I am so blessed by my relationship with Brent's mother, and I know she loves me like a daughter, but if she didn't?!?! How horrible! So I totally agree about hoping to someday have a girl!

  3. I forgot to say earlier that according to that chart being 28/29 you have a 50/50 shot at having a boy vs. girl but all of the sudden at 30-34 it's actually 75% chance of having a girl. Not sure what that's about but it's kind of interesting...and hopefully means I will be ready by the time we're 34!

  4. Chinese were wrong about both of my boys. But it's a 50/50 chance, so I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!! Can't wait to find out