Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Johnny Wy

Realized it has been a while since I posted pics of our growing little boy who turns 16 months next week! 

It is such a pleasure to spend my days with him!  He seems to learn a new word everyday and is such a little ape to everything we do.  JB isn't fond of it, but he borrows my makeup brushes and makes himself "pretty".  The other day he was toting around a soft cooler over his arm and called it a "purse" HAHA.  SEE, I need a little girl this time around! ;)

This is Wyatt's "CHEESE" face.  Looks a little demonic, so now I actually prefer is old "toad face" he used to give in pictures.

Thanks to my sister, Trac, for the singing birthday card.  Wyatt has been dancing to James Brown's "I Feel Good" for many days now (dang those are some good batteries).  The funny thing is he really likes to open and close it quickly so it just screams out the "OOOOH" at the beginning. It makes him laugh SO hard.