Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Strong Baby # 2 - 12.5 Weeks

Since I did updates with Wyatt, I wanted to do updates for S2. 

How far along: 12.5 weeks.

Total weight gain: Had my doctor's appointment last Monday and I am up 2.5 lbs (about the same as Wy's pregnancy).

Maternity clothes: I thought I was supposed to "pop" earlier with this one, but it is about like last time.  I have days that my stomach sticks out and days that I can easily fit in my normal pants. But usually I wear my looser jeans.

Food cravings: With morning sickness, fruit and sweet foods, like cinnamon rolls taste the best to me.  But no real cravings. With Wy's pregnancy I practically gave up eating my favorite food, pickles, but still like them a bit this time around.  Although eating 1 or 2 a day which is normal for me has now reduced to 3-4 a week.

Morning Sickness: Still sticking around.  I work really hard not to whine too much about this, b/c I know it is just a sign that my levels are high and we have a healthy baby in there, but I am ready for it to start waning. 

General Feelings/Thoughts: I told JB today that I am finally starting to get my energy back and feel normal again.  I have REALLY been struggling and down on myself the past few weeks. It is so unlike me to nap during the day, let housework go by the wayside and just generally be lazy.  I was not cooking dinner as much and hadn't been the energetic mom Wyatt deserves.  Last week, I finally start to feel like doing housework and baking while Wyatt napped.  It made me feel like I finally starting to be "me" again.  I still have "lazy" days but am feeling much more energized.

Getting Ready for S2:  We still have a while before the baby comes, but I have started looking into ratings for double strollers and we are beginning the long painful process of purging and cleaning out our junk room/office. 

Here is the belly pic (excuse the poor photography and shadow....JB sucks at taking pictures):


  1. I feel terrible that I forgot to wish you a happy birthday on Monday. :) So dumb question - what does S2 mean?

  2. Oh, maybe that is just the terms my friends and I use. We call our second babies by our last initial and 2.