Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shampoo Rinse Cup

I have been using this little cheap rinse cup since Wyatt could sit up in the tub and not until I said something about it to a friend the other day did I realize not everyone knows about this great thing!  In the picture they actually don't look like they are using it effectively - I use one hand under Wy's chin to tip his head up and then pour with the otehr one, pressing the yellow rubber section to his hairline.  It keeps water out of his eyes and we don't get much whining when it comes to rinsing his thick head of hair.

I think I got it at Target, but when I went online to find it, there was only this yucky all plastic one.  I got this picture from the "One Step Ahead" magazine online.  They sell for about 10 bucks and I highly recomend one if you are struggling with a whiney kid when you rinse their hair.

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  1. We have the same one, and I use it the same way (I have to hold Trent's head back as well). It really is super helpful over pouring a cupful of water over his head and it running down his face and into his eyes!