Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What's up, Wyatt?

Our house is a busy place...especially with Wyatt running around.  John Wyatt turns 17 months this coming Saturday and I can't believe how fast the time has gone! 

So, what's new??

- Yesterday, Wyatt can running up to me, grabbed his crotch like MJ and announced "POOP"!  We are nowhere near to any sort of potty training but we think it is a good sign that he identifies he has a dirty diaper. 

- No pacifier.  Wy wasn't super addicted to his anyway, but we did want to eliminate them entirely (he had only been taking it when sleeping, since before he turned a year).  After doing some "step downs" facilitated by us, he basically just decided he didn't care about them at all. 

- Wyatt still RUNS everywhere.  The fast way from point A to point B is sprinting and that is what he does.

- Disciplining our little man is becoming a challenge.  When we tell Wyatt "no" and remove him from example, the fireplace hearth, he simply laughs and runs right back to it. It does not matter how nasty our tone is or how many times we say "NO" he just doesn't seemed phased by it.  Ugh....at least it is better than a tantrum though, right?

- I did not mean to apply in the above statement that we don't have tantrums.   We do.  The main two reasons are 1)making him come in from outside.  2)trying to get him in his car seat.

- We get new words constantly but they are still not very clear and there is a lot of gibberish gab going on.  We know he'll eventually learn to talk so we aren't too worried about it.  He does know A color and A number.  If you ask him what color something is "boo" (blue) and how many? "two". We can rig it to where he looks super smart though :)

- Wyatt got to meet his cousin, Kurt, for the first time today!!  Kurt (and his parents, Kari & Tyler) live in San Francisco.  They were on their way to the East coast for a wedding but their flight got caught at DFW.  Sad for their travel troubles, but fun for us they got to stay the night in Fort Worth!!

Sorry for the fuzziness - taken with the phone. Wyatt, 17 months.  Kurt, 13 months.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Our Sweet Sullybear

Last week at this time, we were rushing our sweet little pup to the vet.  He had woken up the day before super sick and had just gotten worse. 

That whole day, it was pretty touch and go.  I was so scared as I sat by the phone waiting for updates from the vet.  He was severely dehydrated (as he couldn't even hold down water) and was losing a fair amount of blood.  He was diagnosed with HGE - a condition that happens in small dog breeds that comes on with no rhyme or reason.  It is sudden diarrhea and vomiting and bleeding of their digestive system.  He was put on IVs and lots of meds and made a miraculous recovery over the weekend.  We were able to bring him home this Monday.  We are hopeful we will not have any more HGE episodes.

Today he is begging for some of Wyatt's scrambled eggs and running around the house, trying to avoid the little guy chasing him with his fire truck.  Amazing what a week can do!

Sully is our first "baby". We got him a few months after JB and I got married, so he will be 7 years old this summer (no longer a spring chicken).  He is such an important part of our family. Wyatt has become very attached to him and was asking about him constantly while he was at the vet. 

We love you Sully!  Don't know what we would do without all your slobbery kisses!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


I finished the 3rd Hunger Games book by Suzanne Collins, Mockingjay, a while back but just hadn't had a chance to blog about it.  Loved this book, like I loved the others.  However, I will say it started out a little slower than I expected. 

Now I am just anticipating the release of the movie.  A friend sent me a link the other day showing the casting for Hunger Games.  Which I thought so far was pretty good. 

Monday, May 16, 2011


Saturday we found out that Wyatt will be having a LITTLE SISTER. 

I have been feeling really anxious about this pregnancy - I have been consistently sick and had a general feeling of being "off".  I had the morning sickness with Wyatt but it didn't last this long, nor was it this strong.  This pregnancy has just been a ton harder on me and my body.  And although I fight it, I have a tendency to be a worrier.  SO all these "differences" have kept me constantly anxious that something is wrong with the baby, even though all our tests and every indication points towards me having another healthy pregnancy.

We scheduled our 20 week sono on June 10th when my parents would be able to come up (I would actually be 21 1/2 weeks).  My parents had been able to attend the first boy/girl sono and wanted them to be able to make it again.  However, as I looked at that date looming out there it seemed so far away. 

JB knew my anxiety was growing and we had also had a rough week with our sweet dog, Sully, getting very ill and having to be hospitalized at the vet (future post - he is doing much better).  My parents were going to be in town this weekend and JB suggested we go to an elective sono place and find out boy/girl.  My biggest hesitation was that my mother-in-law (who had also been able to come to the first one) was out of town but JB said she could come with us to the doctor one and she would understand us going early.  SO, off we went!

I had other friends go to elective sono places early and thought "sillies! why would you pay when your doctor gives you a sono just a few weeks later?".  Now I understand.  For only 80 bucks, I got to see her and watch her move around and wiggle all her fingers. Just seeing that little skeleton put my mind so at ease.  Not too mention, I was so excited to find out we are having a GIRL!

I was able to reschedule our 20 week on June 1st (when I will be 20 weeks) and am looking forward to it and having the doctor let me know that she doesn't just look good, but is good and healthy.

And YES, I have already started shopping.  Within the day, an order was placed on diapers.com for some cute on-sale girlie outfits :)  Hold on to your wallet, JB!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Extreme Couponing

Wyatt loves going thru the ValPak!
Need to occupy your toddler for about 30 minutes?  Give him the ValPak of coupons and let him sort thru them.  Wyatt loves it.  I pull out all the ones we actually use and he likes to look at the pictures on the rest of them.

Friday, May 6, 2011

One for you, One for me

Alternate Title: Why the vet is concerned because our dog has steadily been gaining weight since Wyatt started solid foods.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

S2 16 Weeks

How far along: 16 weeks.

Total weight gain: Had my doctor's appointment yesterday and so far - 4 lbs.  (about the same as I was with Wyatt).

Maternity clothes: Still able to just wear my looser jeans (I bought a few pairs about 3 months post Wyatt when my hips hadn't shrunk back and those are what I currently wear).  I am starting to wear maternity tshirts but mainly b/c they are longer and cover up my waistband, if I decide to leave my pants unbuttoned.

Food cravings: Nothing super different than I normally eat. With Wyatt's pregnancy, I didn't really like pickles (SO strange since they are my favorite food).  This time I am still eating pickles. 

Morning Sickness: Still here.  I actually caved and called my doc last week to give me a stronger Zophran prescription for days when I am really struggling to keep food down and function.  It and a B6 vitamin regime seem to have really started to help.  (Again a hint as to why I think this might be a little girl - she is already WAY high maintenance).

General Feelings/Thoughts: I have my energy back, pretty much.  I have been cooking dinner and keeping up with the household chores again.  This pregnancy is going by super fast as I don't get to focus on it like I did with Wyatt's.  But it is fun and we are so excited to have our family grow by one more special little person.

Getting Ready for S2: JB was rearranging some stuff in the attic a couple weeks ago and went ahead and brought all the baby stuff down. I have still not done much cleaning out of the office but we are waiting until we know boy or girl to get us motivated to start a nursery

What I am looking forward to: We scheduled the boy/girl sono for June 10th.  I am hoping my parents will be able to come up for this one, as they did for Wyatt's and JB's parents will be able to make it.  I have been really hoping for a girl this time, but if it is a healthy boy we will be pleased as well!

{{{{Will insert an unexciting picture of a not-so-big belly here}}}}}}}

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rivaling Jack Bauer

Even though I was always impressed with what could happen on the TV show "24". The same surprise endings happen in 24 hours at my house.

104.2 Fever.  Totally Lethargic.  Eyes about rolling back in his head.


Fever free for most of the day. Eating goldfish crackers and playing outside.
Don't you wish you could get rebound after being sick like a toddler does?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Catching Fire

So, I have already finished the 2nd Hunger Games book by Suzanne Collins, Catching Fire

It was another fabulous book and I have already started the 3rd book. These things are SO addicting. JB has also finished book 2 and is much further into book 3 than myself. 

They are easy reads, entertaining and fun - go check them out!