Friday, May 20, 2011

Our Sweet Sullybear

Last week at this time, we were rushing our sweet little pup to the vet.  He had woken up the day before super sick and had just gotten worse. 

That whole day, it was pretty touch and go.  I was so scared as I sat by the phone waiting for updates from the vet.  He was severely dehydrated (as he couldn't even hold down water) and was losing a fair amount of blood.  He was diagnosed with HGE - a condition that happens in small dog breeds that comes on with no rhyme or reason.  It is sudden diarrhea and vomiting and bleeding of their digestive system.  He was put on IVs and lots of meds and made a miraculous recovery over the weekend.  We were able to bring him home this Monday.  We are hopeful we will not have any more HGE episodes.

Today he is begging for some of Wyatt's scrambled eggs and running around the house, trying to avoid the little guy chasing him with his fire truck.  Amazing what a week can do!

Sully is our first "baby". We got him a few months after JB and I got married, so he will be 7 years old this summer (no longer a spring chicken).  He is such an important part of our family. Wyatt has become very attached to him and was asking about him constantly while he was at the vet. 

We love you Sully!  Don't know what we would do without all your slobbery kisses!

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