Monday, May 16, 2011


Saturday we found out that Wyatt will be having a LITTLE SISTER. 

I have been feeling really anxious about this pregnancy - I have been consistently sick and had a general feeling of being "off".  I had the morning sickness with Wyatt but it didn't last this long, nor was it this strong.  This pregnancy has just been a ton harder on me and my body.  And although I fight it, I have a tendency to be a worrier.  SO all these "differences" have kept me constantly anxious that something is wrong with the baby, even though all our tests and every indication points towards me having another healthy pregnancy.

We scheduled our 20 week sono on June 10th when my parents would be able to come up (I would actually be 21 1/2 weeks).  My parents had been able to attend the first boy/girl sono and wanted them to be able to make it again.  However, as I looked at that date looming out there it seemed so far away. 

JB knew my anxiety was growing and we had also had a rough week with our sweet dog, Sully, getting very ill and having to be hospitalized at the vet (future post - he is doing much better).  My parents were going to be in town this weekend and JB suggested we go to an elective sono place and find out boy/girl.  My biggest hesitation was that my mother-in-law (who had also been able to come to the first one) was out of town but JB said she could come with us to the doctor one and she would understand us going early.  SO, off we went!

I had other friends go to elective sono places early and thought "sillies! why would you pay when your doctor gives you a sono just a few weeks later?".  Now I understand.  For only 80 bucks, I got to see her and watch her move around and wiggle all her fingers. Just seeing that little skeleton put my mind so at ease.  Not too mention, I was so excited to find out we are having a GIRL!

I was able to reschedule our 20 week on June 1st (when I will be 20 weeks) and am looking forward to it and having the doctor let me know that she doesn't just look good, but is good and healthy.

And YES, I have already started shopping.  Within the day, an order was placed on for some cute on-sale girlie outfits :)  Hold on to your wallet, JB!

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