Thursday, May 5, 2011

S2 16 Weeks

How far along: 16 weeks.

Total weight gain: Had my doctor's appointment yesterday and so far - 4 lbs.  (about the same as I was with Wyatt).

Maternity clothes: Still able to just wear my looser jeans (I bought a few pairs about 3 months post Wyatt when my hips hadn't shrunk back and those are what I currently wear).  I am starting to wear maternity tshirts but mainly b/c they are longer and cover up my waistband, if I decide to leave my pants unbuttoned.

Food cravings: Nothing super different than I normally eat. With Wyatt's pregnancy, I didn't really like pickles (SO strange since they are my favorite food).  This time I am still eating pickles. 

Morning Sickness: Still here.  I actually caved and called my doc last week to give me a stronger Zophran prescription for days when I am really struggling to keep food down and function.  It and a B6 vitamin regime seem to have really started to help.  (Again a hint as to why I think this might be a little girl - she is already WAY high maintenance).

General Feelings/Thoughts: I have my energy back, pretty much.  I have been cooking dinner and keeping up with the household chores again.  This pregnancy is going by super fast as I don't get to focus on it like I did with Wyatt's.  But it is fun and we are so excited to have our family grow by one more special little person.

Getting Ready for S2: JB was rearranging some stuff in the attic a couple weeks ago and went ahead and brought all the baby stuff down. I have still not done much cleaning out of the office but we are waiting until we know boy or girl to get us motivated to start a nursery

What I am looking forward to: We scheduled the boy/girl sono for June 10th.  I am hoping my parents will be able to come up for this one, as they did for Wyatt's and JB's parents will be able to make it.  I have been really hoping for a girl this time, but if it is a healthy boy we will be pleased as well!

{{{{Will insert an unexciting picture of a not-so-big belly here}}}}}}}

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