Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What's up, Wyatt?

Our house is a busy place...especially with Wyatt running around.  John Wyatt turns 17 months this coming Saturday and I can't believe how fast the time has gone! 

So, what's new??

- Yesterday, Wyatt can running up to me, grabbed his crotch like MJ and announced "POOP"!  We are nowhere near to any sort of potty training but we think it is a good sign that he identifies he has a dirty diaper. 

- No pacifier.  Wy wasn't super addicted to his anyway, but we did want to eliminate them entirely (he had only been taking it when sleeping, since before he turned a year).  After doing some "step downs" facilitated by us, he basically just decided he didn't care about them at all. 

- Wyatt still RUNS everywhere.  The fast way from point A to point B is sprinting and that is what he does.

- Disciplining our little man is becoming a challenge.  When we tell Wyatt "no" and remove him from example, the fireplace hearth, he simply laughs and runs right back to it. It does not matter how nasty our tone is or how many times we say "NO" he just doesn't seemed phased by it.  Ugh....at least it is better than a tantrum though, right?

- I did not mean to apply in the above statement that we don't have tantrums.   We do.  The main two reasons are 1)making him come in from outside.  2)trying to get him in his car seat.

- We get new words constantly but they are still not very clear and there is a lot of gibberish gab going on.  We know he'll eventually learn to talk so we aren't too worried about it.  He does know A color and A number.  If you ask him what color something is "boo" (blue) and how many? "two". We can rig it to where he looks super smart though :)

- Wyatt got to meet his cousin, Kurt, for the first time today!!  Kurt (and his parents, Kari & Tyler) live in San Francisco.  They were on their way to the East coast for a wedding but their flight got caught at DFW.  Sad for their travel troubles, but fun for us they got to stay the night in Fort Worth!!

Sorry for the fuzziness - taken with the phone. Wyatt, 17 months.  Kurt, 13 months.

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  1. I don't really care that Trent uses his pacifier, but I do wonder what it's going to be like when we try to wean him. I just want it done by 3. I'm thinking of trying potty training soon. I figure if we try it and it doesn't work, oh well. But what if it does work?? That'd be awesome! I read about a 3-day technique (a friend did it - although her son is a little older) and the only 'requirement' is the child be 22 months old... Hmmm... Love the updates on Wy!!