Monday, June 27, 2011

Fun at Nana & Grandad's

I was waiting to write this post b/c my mom has some cute pics of Wyatt that I wanted to include, but I haven't had time to 'talk her thru' how to email them to me.  So, here are the blurry pics I have from my phone.

In an attempt to avoid the remodel mess for a few days, Wyatt and I left last Friday for G'town and ended up staying until Wednesday.  JB was on a golf trip with his dad and brother to Oregon (poor guy).

It was a fantastic trip.  We loved our time with them and Wyatt was on his best behavior so I am pretty sure they enjoyed their time with us as well.

We had made Grandad homemade pickles for Father's Day, so I had the cooler out to pack them in.  Wyatt thought it was super fun to try to sit in.

Don't tell my pediatrician, but we bought Wy a new carseat and he faced forward for the first time ever on this trip.  He was SO happy to feel the air conditioning and just kept pointing and shouting CARS CARS!

It is a 2 1/2 hour drive and he did great - he napped some and read books as well.

There was a SpongeBob marathon on that weekend, so Wyatt was thrilled that Nana and Grandad's TV played his favorite cartoon nonstop.  Don't ask me why he is obsessed with "Bob Bob" but he has been since he was about 9 months old.

We went to the park to play and check out the ducks.  He was NOT afraid of the ducks and chased them everywhere.

Nana got him a train set when I was pregnant and she found out she was finally getting a grandson.  It said 3+ years on the box, but as long as we setup the track for him, Wyatt loves to watch it go around and put animals in the train cars. 

We rode the train at Lakeline Mall and we also rode the carousel.  He had fun, despite the lack of smile.

We had a baby cotton-tail waiting on the porch one morning.  We loved on him and fed him for the day and then left him out that night.  We like to think he found his mommy.

We went to the Farmer's Market and bought some great coconut cookies ( and some more pickling cucumbers (I am determined to perfect pickle-making this summer). I am also now determined to figure out the coconut cookie recipe - it has parmesan cheese in it!

And when we got home, we saw we had pocket doors and all sorts of fun new windows (until they put up the sheetrock the next day).

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