Friday, June 3, 2011

We're halfway there, baby girl!

How far along: 20 weeks (and 1 day) - we have hit the halfway point!

How big is baby: According to our sonogram on Wednesday she is about 13 ounces.  And yes, she is still a she!  With Wyatt, he always measured a bit small, so the calculated due date from the sonos would change to about 5/6 days further.  But with this little gal, her calculated due date was still right on at Oct. 20th

Total weight gain: 6.5 lbs  - I don't have a comparison point for Wyatt at this time. I am shooting to gain 25 lbs, like I did last time, but I bet it might be a little less, only b/c I am chasing Wyatt around in the heat of summer.  My doc doesn't worry about it.

Belly button & Stretch Marks: Belly button is kind of flatish, but this time it almost looked that way immediately - like it knows what it is in for.  No stretch marks - I didn't really get them last time and don't expect to this time either.

Last Dr's Appt: Wednesday.  Everything on the sonogram looked perfect and when my doctor came in to see me he said I was boring, had nothing to talk to me about and would see me in 4 weeks.  He said he wished all of his patient were this boring and routine.

Maternity clothes: Not really.  It is more because I can't find a decent pair of maternity shorts to fit me, so I have been wearing elastic-waist running shorts and some other stretchy stuff I have.  But I do have some maternity shirts, so I have been wearing those a lot b/c they are longer and cover-up the fact I might not have my pants buttoned.  All the maternity shorts are SUPER short and wide and I just need to find some to fit me.

How am I feeling: I am starting to feel good. Still have occasional "zophran days" (my anti-nausea medicine) but they are becoming fewer and farther between.  I think it just took my body a lot longer to find its stride this time and I am sure chasing after a toddler while trying to get my calorie intake up, wasn't helping things.

Mood Swings and Food Cravings: JB always says pregnancy mellows me out but I think motherhood also did. I am too busy with other things (Wyatt, house remodel, etc) to really let those hormones get to me! I crave fast food and nasty frozen pizzas, just like I did with Wyatt. It is awful, but I give the baby what she wants (chicken nuggets) at least a couple times a week :)  I drink a lot of root beer lately. 

Milestones: We are to the halfway point and the time has FLOWN by.  It is a big milestone for me to start feeling better. 

What I'm looking forward to: Unlike Wyatt's pregnancy where I was counting down the days and reading "what to expect" every evening before bedtime, this pregnancy I feel a little guilty that I am ignoring her in a way.  But such is the life of a second child :) Instead, I am looking forward to getting stuff done around the house so that we can eventually start on her nursery which I am going to make so girlie it will be gag-worthy.  We have decided to get our two extra baths (the kids and the guest) remodeled before she gets here....getting our house about 85% done with only a couple of projects remaining (that we will wait on for a while).  Until we have all the remodeling done, I am having to hold tight on doing anything for her room.

Current decisions being made: The top 2 questions we get - "do you know what you are having? girl" "do you know what you are going to name her? no".  We are throwing a lot of names around but nothing that really grabs us or sticks just yet...we have a running list.

We did make one decision last weekend - we picked out a double stroller. I had been doing tons of research and asking women I ran into at the zoo and mall.  We finally got a chance to go try out the one I had been eyeing and then found it over 30% off on  We purchased the City Jogger City Mini in a beautiful aggie maroon (just so happened it and the burnt orange were the two colors on sale - which do you think we'd pick?).  It does not fit a carrier well, so we'll still probably get something for when the baby is super little, but this one should last us for a while, once little girl is about 5 months old on.

***will post belly pic soon***


  1. Didn't work, now trying as "anonymous"...
    I know I have no room to talk but I can't wait to hear what name y'all pick for baby girl!

  2. Oh, and it's Allena. Ha!

  3. You promised belly pics the last time too. :-( I'm curious what the baby name will be too!