Wednesday, June 8, 2011

You know what assuming does......

Wyatt has really been a crab this week and a king of the tantrums (assumed it is him really coming into his 'toddlerism'). 

He hasn't been eating very much lately and has been super picky (see above explanation).

Wyatt has had some nasty poop diapers over the past week (assumed it is all the fruit the kid is constantly demanding).

He has been fighting us brushing his teeth for the last few days (assumed he was going thru an anti-teeth brushing phase and only wants to do it himself).

This morning he had something white in his mouth, towards the back on his left side (assumed it was bananas from breakfast he was saving for later).

After I spotted the "breakfast banana" still in his mouth a few hours later, I pried his mouth open (and yes PRIED is the correct term) and figured out - MY KID GOT A MOLAR!  And it is not just poking through but pretty much the whole way out.

He still only has the two front teeth on the bottom, so it is a bit odd he is getting molars, but I guess that means those teeth will show up soon.

Silly Mommy, you know what ASSuming does!


  1. Trent's 2 year molars started popping through a few days ago. The 2 bottom ones have both poked through. Luckily he hasn't been out of sorts. :)

  2. Molars are THE WORST! Char cut one of her 2 year ones while we were on vacation.