Thursday, July 28, 2011

Captain America Cleaning Company

We use minimal and gentle cleaning products (only baby wet wipes) and we will leave no area untouched!

We do toys!

We do furniture!

We do under cabinets...

...and inside cabinets!

We even will throw in pet cleaning for a small extra fee!

Best of all we do it all with a smile!

(Note: I did not prompt ANY of this...didn't even give him the wet wipe.  He went and got one himself when he saw me cleaning.  He is definitely my child! And I am SO PROUD! His wife will thank me one day.)

28 Weeks with Baby Girl

How far along: 28 Weeks

How big is baby: According to she is 2 1/4 lbs and about 15 inches long. 

Total weight gain: 15 lbs (as of my appt on Tuesday) - I think this little girl is going to be bigger than Wyatt - she already seems squished to me and kills me with kicks to the rib at the same time she gives my bladder a left hook.

Last Dr's Appt: Tuesday. Now I start going every 2 weeks!

Maternity clothes: Yep, mostly.  My running shorts and tees are still my standard uniform, although some days even the elastic waistbands feel a bit too confining.

How am I feeling: has been another rough week. I have been having a lot of steady Braxton Hicks contractions, back aches and upper abdominal pain.  However, the doc gave me a thorough once-over and ruled that it is just my children giving me hell - toting around Wyatt is to thank for the BH and Baby Girl is just growing quickly and running out of room so she is crowding my abdomen. I am just trying hard to rest when I can, not carry Wyatt as much and make sure to stay well hydrated.  Staying hydrated is another issue though, as I literally go the bathroom every 30 minutes.  Wyatt has seen the inside of TONS of public restrooms lately.

Mood Swings and Food Cravings: I am ready for remodel to be over (hopefully finished up this week) so I can get started on the baby's room.  It is insane that I am already in my last trimester and not at all prepared-although I must admit that quite a few on-sale girlie clothes have been purchased - more on that later :).

Milestones: Is surviving a 100 degree July while going thru a remodel and having to find activities for an 18 month old to do out of the house and being pregnant, count?

What I'm looking forward to: Remodel being done, so I can start on Baby Girl's room. JB and I cancelled our NY trip after all the discomfort I have been having and realizing the travel would be hard on me.  But my parents are still coming up in a couple weeks so we can at least get away for an evening to Dallas for dinner at our favorite seafood place.  Also, I have decided to hire a cleaning team to come clean all the dust/remodel muck out of my house and can't wait to have a super clean abode.  I normally would do this myself but the time and energy is just not there right now.

Preparations and decisions being made: Still no name. JB's vote is still for Annie, but I am just trying to get the remodel finished and then my focus can shift to the baby.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

All I can say is  READ IT!  The movie is coming out in August, so get on the ball.  It took me a while to read it but not because it didn't keep my attention - pregnancy fatigue was super strong. 

I really enjoyed it!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lucky Number 7

This weekend, JB and I celebrated 7 years of marriage.  I feel so lucky to be married to JB - although there are days that I want to strangle him ;)  He is my best friend, my favorite person to spend time with and an amazing Daddy to Wyatt.

We had a great weekend!

Saturday we got to spend the morning with family, celebrating our niece, Tessa's, 3rd birthday.  After Wyatt went to bed on Saturday night, we went to see Harry Potter 7 (Part II).  JB's sister and her boyfriend (thanks Christal & Scott) stayed at our house and Wyatt didn't make a peep, so they got to have a quiet non-kid evening as well.

Sunday we took Wyatt to the zoo, he took a long nap, so we got to both snooze a bit while we watched the USA/Japan soccer game, visited with JuJu and Doc and Great Grandma Margaret (who was over from Dallas) and then we went to Freebirds for our Anniversary dinner (with Wyatt in tow of course - he LOVES freebirds).

It was a great way to spend our anniversary and definitely reminded us how lucky we have each other, to have a beautiful healthy boy, to have another healthy baby on the way, to be surrounded by family that love us and are so grateful to share in our lives, to live in a great town full of fun things to do, to have a comfy home to nap at on a Saturday afternoon and a reminder of where we met and fell in love (no we didn't meet at Freebirds, but College Station - where the original Freebirds is). 

And no...we didn't get a pic together, but that's okay....

Happy 3rd Birthday, Tessa Rose!

I love to watch my boys enjoy the zoo together!

This is what they were smiling at, the new Nubian Ibex's (aka: mountain goats).  They are babies and so cute and Wyatt thought it was funny they were jumping around on the rocks.

Poking the elephant statue in the eye.  He does the same thing to Sully unfortunately.  There were very few people at the zoo yesterday, so we were able to let Wyatt out of his stroller and work with him about walking (holding our hand) with us.

Took Wyatt into the parakeet/bird cage for the first time.  He LOVED it.  Usually I am by myself, so I don't want to leave my stroller and stuff outside unattended.

He would reach out his hand and say "bird bird" trying to get them to land on him - so cute.

I am sure he is giving a big nod of approval to something Margaret is telling him - she tells him "You are just wonderful!" a lot so that is probably what he is agreeing with :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Forest Park Train

We took Wyatt a couple weekends ago to ride the Forest Park Train (yeah yeah, I am a bit late on this post).  It was fantastic.  It was $10 for all three of us to ride  - such a deal when compared to other train rides, as this one goes over the river and thru fun scenic stuff and lasts about 45 minutes!

Wyatt loved it.  He is quite obsessed with choo-choos and cars and airplanes lately.  When we got to the Trinity Park Station and took a break to let other passengers on/off.  JB let him get off and run around and he wanted to play rather than get back on the train. He sat in my lap and pouted for the next few minutes but finally got over it.

We tried to get him to sit in our laps so he could see better, but he wanted to sit on the bench like a big boy.

It was very bright and sunny!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Men of my Dreams

Or rather....the men who prevent my dreams.

My night/morning...
2AM  "MAAAAMMAAAA!" I am awoken suddenly by cries from Wyatt.  I must admit although immediately startled awake, I listened for about 45 seconds before I actually throw the covers off myself and head down the hall (hoping he'll go back to sleep).  It was some sort of obvious nightmare about what I presume was a nasty rabid dog, as when I entered his room he was clinging to his puffin bird stuffed animal for dear life and frantically trying to throw his beloved puppy stuffed animal and puppy lovey blanket out of his bed.  He then proceeded to refuse to lay down on me in his rocker, trying to remain sitting completely upright and fighting to not go back to sleep.  He finally succumbed to fatigue in about 20 minutes of rocking and I put him back to bed.

Ahh, sweet slumber, here I come again....

2:45 AM "SNOOOREEE.  Snort. SNOOOREEE."  Really?  Sully's bedroom (aka the utility room) is under remodel, getting a new tile floor, so he is sleeping in our bedroom tonight and you would think my 20 lb dachshund was a 200 lb great dane with a severe sinus infection by the way he breaths all swirled up under his blankets.  I turn up the monitor hoping Wyatt's sound machine noise will drown him out.

Ahh, I am sleeping finally, dreaming of beautiful nursery decor for baby girl's room (it is completely occupying my thoughts right now as I bought her an antique dresser yesterday and am so excited to begin redoing it). 

3:15 AM "AH! AH! GET AWAY!!" JB jumps out of bed, turning on his bedside lamp and waving at the air as though he is being attacked by a swarm of angry African bees.  Good Lord, do these people have it out for me??

"Remember that crazy black bug thing that was in our house a few weeks ago?"

"Yes.  I killed it a few weeks ago."
"I think it is back.  I just heard it buzz by my head!"  {JB has turned on every light in the bathroom and bedroom now and Sully has started his grumbling ascent out from underneath his covers to see what the commotion is about.}
"Don't think bugs can come back to life." {Would have had a wittier comeback about bug zombies had it not been so early in the morning.}
"It is here somewhere I just heard a buzz by my head." {JB now with a rolled up magazine swatting randomly at the air and for some reason tapping our headboard as though he is sending a morse code of "I'm going to get you, sucker!" to the bug.}
"Just fan the air or something." {Me trying to get him to stop tapping on the headboard as I put my pillow over my head both to block out the light and if there is a nasty bug flying around, I don't want to encounter it.}
"Fan!  Good idea!" {JB turns on our bedroom fan full blast - not at all what my suggestion was.}
"Sully was snoring, maybe you heard that or are dreaming.  Shut off the lights and come back to bed."

"Okay. I'll find it in the morning, but I know it is here."

"WHINE. WHIMPER." {Sully is at the bedroom door thinking it must be morning and time for breakfast.}

"GO BACK TO BED SULLY!" {With a defeated look, he obediently returns to his blankets. Such a good puppy even though I threaten to kill him at least once a day when he barks during Wyatt's nap.}

3:20AM "SNOOOREEE.  Snort. SNOOOREEE." Oh Good Gosh, Sully!!  I'll just get up and blog about you people. 

In my next house I am doing the Lucy & Ricky, with possibly even separate bedrooms, not just the twin beds!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nice to meet you. My name is Drab.

Okay, so my friend Dawn turned me to The Southern Eclectic Blog and I suppose I should tell her "thank you" since now I stalk Sheridan French.  But instead, I should also say DARN YOU, because the blog makes me feel like a drab frumpy person who has no style and is a total decorating loser.  I mean this gal even has a post about "what she wore" and in one has on red lipstick  - she is so out of my league.  It will be a long time before I could even talk myself into attempting that and when I do, then I'll just be the old crazy lady with the red lipstick that is mostly on her teeth.

We moved into our house in August of 2006.  I still have barely anything on the walls.  Only a couple of rooms have window treatments and other than Wyatt's room, no other room in the house has any sort of design theme or is close to looking finished.  Not to mention, the items that are in all my rooms are DRAB.  I used to say we were just people who liked "earth tones" but who am I kidding. My taste is boring and safe. 

I whole-heartedly want to be a woman of style who can boldly accessorize not only herself but her home with oranges and hot pinks and turquoises.  But alas, I am not confident enough nor that creative. But am pushing myself to start with baby steps.  The good thing about having everything so "neutral" is that I can start with purposeful little pops of color and see how I feel about them.

Be honest, Friends.  Do you really think being hip and stylish can be acquired or are you just born with it?

Here are my first itsy bitsy baby steps towards non-drabness.

These are some organization boxes for the new built-ins that will be in the front office/den.  I must admit that as soon as I got them home, I thought "damn, these are bright. maybe I should just go back and get the brown ones" but I am going to resist that tendency and use them.  They were on sale even, at the Container Store!

This is the material I have purchased to make curtains for my dining room. I think it is the perfect touch of color and has both a bit of traditional and modern. Now if I can just get my rear in gear and find someone to make them for me.

This is my attempt to accessorize myself.  When I run to the store solo, I always take my trusty brown clutch.  This one is fun, summery, larger (so I can put my keys in it and not have to carry them separately) and was made completely out of recycled material (you're welcome, Earth).  It was also on sale for $9.99 at Container Store.

You'll also notice I updated my blog background to be a bit bolder!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Abandon Ship!

Well, I think it has happened.  We have finally hit the point that sometimes there is nothing you can do but abandon ship when Wyatt starts to have a meltdown.

Saturday (after Wyatt and I had been in the car for many hours coming back from my parents) we decided since there wasn't much in the house to eat, we'd go out.  Not a good idea.  It took a while to get seated and then once we got our tablemhe was just done.  JB took him to the car and I asked to get our order to go - FIRST time EVER we have had to do that.  Wyatt fell asleep in the car on the quick trip home (it was only around 6:30, well before his bedtime).

Today we made a quick trip to the Container Store for some items - only errand we were running.  I didn't peruse the store - just got in, got what I wanted (note, I am not silly enough to say "needed" b/c I don't think that store has anything anyone needs, but love it anyways) and headed to the checkout.  Their systems were down, OF COURSE, and they were filling out manual sales slips.  Wyatt started to melt faster than a popsicle outside on a day like today....I took him out of the cart but that didn't help much b/c then he just wanted down. Had I not been so far into the checkout process and had a super fast cashier, I would have just abandoned ship.

Wyatt has always been a good "out and about kid" but I know they all go through these phases, so I guess this starts ours where public outings are a volatile situation.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

4th of July Weekend

Since I am so late on this post, I won't go into detail, just post a lot of pictures.  JB had been working a ton lately (including weekends) and he took all 3 days off.  We enjoyed a lot of relaxing and family time.  Here are the pics!

Wy got a new sprinkler to play in!

Sully was excited about the sprinkler too - here he is finally spotting it!

Our neighborhood had a 4th of July parade and had a petting zoo for the kids.  Wyatt LOVED it and wasn't scared a bit of any of the animals.  One of his favorite animals is the turtle so that is the first thing he went for.

So many cute little things to pet.  Isn't this mini brahma cow the cutest?!?!

We never get family pics, so even though Wy was giving the toad face - we'll take it!

 Eating a picnic dinner at Colonial's 4th Festivities

Wyatt loves watermelon!

Wyatt, of course, just wanted to run everywhere and Uncle Taylor took a shift of chasing after him.


Mommy had the easier job of just feeding him when he needed a running break. Look at those red cheeks! It was HOT!

Daddy and Wyatt

We decided to head out before the fireworks. We were exhausted from chasing after Wy and the fireworks weren't going to start for another hour.  Maybe next year we'll make it to the end! (another toad face brought to you courtesy of Wyatt - my child really does smile quite often, just not for the camera).

Wyatt - 18 Months

WARNING - LONG POST.  I haven't updated about Wyatt in a while and wanted to do a snapshot of all that is going on with him right now.

Wyatt had his 18 month checkup last week (a week late).  Here are our little monkey's stats:

Height: 31.75 inches (they make him lay down until he is 2, so I don't think it is very accurate).
Weight: 24 lbs 12.5oz
Head: 48.5 cm

He is around the 30th percentile for height/weight and the 70th for head. 

Wy has quite a few words although many just Mommy understands (even Daddy has to ask for translation sometimes).  He also has many gestures that mean things (such as "mambo" and a hand pointed to the sky means he wants to go outside).  He makes a lot of animal noises instead of saying their true names - we are working on that, but when you ask him to say lion, he just roars at you.  If you ask him the color of anything, it is "Boo (blue)" and if you ask him how old he is or how many things there are, it is "Two". He'll repeat some other numbers and colors, but does not accurately identify yet and those are his go-to's.

Just to document a few he says regularly.....he "says"......Momma, Dada, JuJu, Goc (Doc), Guncle (Uncle Taylor), Nana, Gandad (Grandad), Su (Sully),  Nanda (slightly different from Nana for Aunt Amanda), Mimi (when naming both his great grandma and asked about a pic of himself), Kitty, Duck, Goose, ChooChoo, Car, Guck (truck), Poop, TeeTee, Bye Bye, Hi, Cracker, Cookie, Cheese, Apple, Pippo (hippo), turtle, bird, Fi (fish and he does the sign language motion for it), Wower (flower), Bath, Yadder (slide - we always tell him to go to the ladder to climb up the right way), YegYeg (Eggs or Glasses), BobBob (SpongeBob), Chair, Baboon (balloon), Shoes, More, Pssst (Please - it is a strange sound but we know that is what it means), Wall, Keys, Doodle (for his magnadoodle) Milk, Juice, WaWa (water), Nana (Banana), Bread, BaBa (baby bottle), Night Night, Stairs, Ball, Bayball (baseball), Tees (trees), Leaves, Dirt, Walk, Park, Kids, People, Man, Yeah (trying to change it to "yes" for politeness sake), Pi-woah (pillow), Boo (blue), Two, Bee (any bug)......he will repeat a lot of words you say as well, but not use them on his own....I am sure I am leaving out a ton.

And if you don't think he is paying attention all the time, you are wrong - especially now that he is forward facing in the car.  If we drive anywhere on University he starts shouting out animal noises thinking we are headed to the zoo.  If we drive anywhere on Hulen, he starts yelling about JuJu's house (JB's parents).

He is a super focused kid when it comes to trying to get a toy to do something.  Favorite thing lately - latches and buckles.  He always wants to mess with the buckle in the grocery store cart and will spend a long time standing in front of his high chair playing with the straps.  You would think it would frustrate him that he can't do it, but he just keeps working at it. 

Cars, trains and animal toys now all 'drive' or 'walk' to their destinations. He makes them go up walls, across people's laps, etc.  Nothing can get from point A to point B by simply putting it there - it has to 'travel'.  He still loves the ride-on car my parents got him for Christmas and this is his mode of transportation around the house.  When you tell him to head back to his room for a diaper change - he hops on his car and rides it to the doorway, parks it and goes in his room, then rides it back into the living room.  His legs are getting too long for it, as when he goes super fast, his feet look like flippers on a swimmer b/c he pumps, pumps, then coasts with them pulled up behind him.  It is super funny.  We tried to switch him to a rocket that JB's parents bought him, but it doesn't go as fast, so he usually sticks with his car. 

Other favorite toys are his new train system, magnadoodle (likes to order you what to draw), puzzles and books.  He LOVES to be read to and look at books.

He LOVES to be outside and just wants to be there all day - unfortunately it is just too hot to do that, so we endure what we can of the heat and then I wrestle him inside (usually promising a SpongeBob video - yeah yeah, so I'm not Mom of the Year).

Wyatt is OBSESSED with SpongeBob.  He has loved him since he was about 9 months old, but it is ridiculous now.  If the TV is on (which I am trying to limit as much as possible but it is hard now with the remodel and trying to keep him occupied in one room), then he is demanding BobBob. Nana got him a DVD of 10 episodes and I fear we are going to have to replace it soon, as it has been watched so much already.  He laughs and points and will giggle and shake his head when stuff is going on.  It cracks me up.  And it isn't the worst thing I could have to watch with him - it is actually fairly entertaining.

We had a few days of interest in the potty, now they are inconsistent - FALSE ALARM ON THE POTTY TRAINING, PEOPLE.  So, I just stick him on it before baths and randomly during the day when he asks.  Sometimes there is peeing, sometimes not.

We are taking a Little Gym class this summer (read: activity with AIR CONDITIONING!) and Wy really loves it. He has really progressed (although for some reason really fights tucking his head for front rolls). He likes all the other kids, dancing when there is music and climbing on everything. He has become really good at the balance beam and mastering some of the mini-obstacle courses they have setup.  He follows directions pretty well there - they are great at keeping the action moving.

Wyatt is just an overall great easy-going kid.  He minds as well as any toddler, throws a fit here and there but gets over it fast and is just fun to be with.  My pediatrician said again this visit how brave and social Wyatt is - after Wy was going straight up to him to hand him toys and offer him a cracker out our visit.  He isn't scared of new people, is a very confident and secure kid (which is sometimes bad b/c it is hard to get him to want to hold my hand and stay with me) but Dr. W says he'll be a good big brother and thinks he'll adjust great when the new baby comes. I think so too.

JB and I really feel blessed to be his parents.  Not everyone has such a cute happy kid (or maybe all parents think that).  He keeps my days interesting and fun.  There is nothing like that random kiss and hug that he gives during the day, that makes my heart melt.   Although my job is tough some days, kissing those chubby cheeks all day makes it all worth it.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Favorite Websites for Munchkin Stuff

When I have a minute to play on the web or when I know of a specific baby/kid item I am looking for, I always check out the following sites: - I have purchased SO many of our "gear things" (convertible carseat, double stroller, extra pack-n-play, etc) here.  Fabulous sales prices. & & & - daily "specials" - where I get a lot of my diapers and formula.  NO shipping and the ease of not having to haul crates of heavy formula home from BRU. - can't go wrong with adorable homemade items for baby and nursery

What are some sites you like to look for kids stuff on?

Friday, July 8, 2011

Vick's Vaporizer Plug-In

Whoever invented this nifty little plug in, THANK YOU.  When Wyatt is snotty and congested and having trouble sleeping, this is the solution. 

Wy and I have both been fighting sinus/cold junk. His congestion has gotten a ton better, but I am still fighting mine a bit and lucky for me, my mom has one of these at her house (we are down visiting she and my dad this week), so I have had it plugged into the guest room and it has helped me sleep so much better.

If you have never tried this when your little munchkin has a cold, go out and buy one RIGHT NOW so you have it on hand.  You can thank me later :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

24 1/2 Weeks with Baby Girl

How far along: 24 weeks (and 5 days)

How big is baby: According to she should be a little taller than a foot and weigh around a pound to a pound and a half!  Little miss is a super wiggly active little thing.  She is constantly doing gymnastics and already likes to shove her older brother (mostly when he is sitting on her).

Total weight gain: 13 lbs (as of my appt last Tuesday) - I think it is close to where I was with Wyatt at this point.  With Wyatt I really felt that I packed on the pounds suddenly at the end, but maybe I can do it more steadily with this one (and avoid issues like shin-splints).

Belly button & Stretch Marks: Belly button is flat and no stretch marks.  I assume this will remain the same, so will probably drop this category.

Last Dr's Appt: Last Tuesday. I am a boring routine patient.  Can't ask for more than that.  Next Dr's appt at 28 weeks will be my glucose test (ugh).  Normally you do the appt first thing in the morning, but to be able to have JB watch Wyatt while I go, I had to schedule it for 4pm.  I'll have to therefore watch what I eat all day long. After that appointment, I start going every 2 weeks - yowzers!

Maternity clothes: Mostly.  My running shorts and tees (SAHM uniform) work pretty well, but when I have to look presentable, I do wear things with belly panels and side rouching :)

How am I feeling: has been a rough week.  We have remodel going on the last couple weeks and the dust and painting and stuff caused me to get sick and I now think I have some sort of sinus infection - pregnancy wise I feel good. I threw up my Freebird's lunch burrito yesterday (sadness, what a waste) but I think that was more due to drainage.  JB is kicking us out of the house for the week - Wy and I are headed to my parents.  He is working out of the Dallas office still and it will give us a break from the construction zone.

Mood Swings and Food Cravings: My general feeling of being a bit overwhelmed is just due to the remodel and wanting it to be over so I can start getting the house back in order and get a nursery together. I know I was the one that wanted to get this stuff done before Baby Girl arrived, so I just have to deal with it and know how nice it will be when it is finished.  On the food cravings front, about the only thing out of the ordinary is the massive amount of Root Beer I like to drink.

Milestones:  Hmm..nothing too big I can think of....probably the biggest is that I am finally learning to sleep thru her activity time between 3 and 5am.
What I'm looking forward to: Remodel being done, so I can start on Baby Girl's room.  JB and I are taking a trip to the Hudson River Valley in New York to see one of best childhood friends get married. My parents are going to come up and watch Wyatt for the weekend.  I am really looking forward to having time with my hubby before life becomes REALLY crazy.

Preparations and decisions being made: No, we have not picked out a name. We would like to use my middle name (Jane) as a middle name, but that is as far as we have gotten. JB picks a name every week or so and 'tries it out'.  He has been stuck on "Annie" for the past few weeks. It has grown on me, but I just don't think it is exactly the right name.  I always loved "Clara" but now it seems pretty common.

AND NOW DRUMROLL PLEASE........a belly picture!  I'll post a better one of me with a bikini on or something later.  Yes, I tried the maternity tankini and it is AWFUL with swirling material around you, so I am just going to go back to my regular swimwear and allow friends and family to make fun of me.

Note: This was taken after we had been in the sun all day and at the Colonial Country Club (see the golf course behind me) 4th of July Picnic.  If I look nasty and sweaty - it is b/c I was.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Wyatt has been accompanying me to the bathroom since he became mobile. I have even blogged at times about my desire to go to the bathroom alone but I TAKE IT ALL BACK!!  IT WAS WORTH IT!!!

Wyatt was playing in the living room with JB.  They had his train set going (one of his favorite things now) and suddenly stood up and said "tee tee". JB didn't even catch it, but luckily even though I was in the kitchen, I did.  I asked if he wanted to go tee tee in the potty and he took off to our bathroom at the back of the house (only one working with the remodel going on). We took of his diaper (dry) and HE PEED! J.B. and I whooped, hollered and clapped and he smiled and said "I TEE TEE!"

I don't even have him a little potty yet (definitely need to get him one b/c when he went on the big potty most of it came shooting out at me thru the space between the seat and the bowl).  I haven't been pushing it - just explain to him when I go and let him help me flush the potty.  I have noticed lately that he is dry when he gets up from nap and a couple of times have sat him on the potty for a minute if he is happy to do it, but nothing has ever happened.  Yesterday I stuck him on before his bath (while the water ran, thinking that might help) and then when I put him in the bath he smiled pointed at himself and said "tee tee" and sure enough he was peeing in the bath.  So, from that I knew he really understood.

We'll see! Not going to push it too much at this point but are SUPER excited to think about the possibilities of only changing 1 set of diapers when the new baby comes.

Here is our celebratory picture.  Had to have a picture from the day, even if it is a bad phone picture :)

Daddy and Mommy are so proud of our little "tee tee-er" :)