Tuesday, July 5, 2011

24 1/2 Weeks with Baby Girl

How far along: 24 weeks (and 5 days)

How big is baby: According to babycenter.com she should be a little taller than a foot and weigh around a pound to a pound and a half!  Little miss is a super wiggly active little thing.  She is constantly doing gymnastics and already likes to shove her older brother (mostly when he is sitting on her).

Total weight gain: 13 lbs (as of my appt last Tuesday) - I think it is close to where I was with Wyatt at this point.  With Wyatt I really felt that I packed on the pounds suddenly at the end, but maybe I can do it more steadily with this one (and avoid issues like shin-splints).

Belly button & Stretch Marks: Belly button is flat and no stretch marks.  I assume this will remain the same, so will probably drop this category.

Last Dr's Appt: Last Tuesday. I am a boring routine patient.  Can't ask for more than that.  Next Dr's appt at 28 weeks will be my glucose test (ugh).  Normally you do the appt first thing in the morning, but to be able to have JB watch Wyatt while I go, I had to schedule it for 4pm.  I'll have to therefore watch what I eat all day long. After that appointment, I start going every 2 weeks - yowzers!

Maternity clothes: Mostly.  My running shorts and tees (SAHM uniform) work pretty well, but when I have to look presentable, I do wear things with belly panels and side rouching :)

How am I feeling: Eh..it has been a rough week.  We have remodel going on the last couple weeks and the dust and painting and stuff caused me to get sick and I now think I have some sort of sinus infection - pregnancy wise I feel good. I threw up my Freebird's lunch burrito yesterday (sadness, what a waste) but I think that was more due to drainage.  JB is kicking us out of the house for the week - Wy and I are headed to my parents.  He is working out of the Dallas office still and it will give us a break from the construction zone.

Mood Swings and Food Cravings: My general feeling of being a bit overwhelmed is just due to the remodel and wanting it to be over so I can start getting the house back in order and get a nursery together. I know I was the one that wanted to get this stuff done before Baby Girl arrived, so I just have to deal with it and know how nice it will be when it is finished.  On the food cravings front, about the only thing out of the ordinary is the massive amount of Root Beer I like to drink.

Milestones:  Hmm..nothing too big I can think of....probably the biggest is that I am finally learning to sleep thru her activity time between 3 and 5am.
What I'm looking forward to: Remodel being done, so I can start on Baby Girl's room.  JB and I are taking a trip to the Hudson River Valley in New York to see one of best childhood friends get married. My parents are going to come up and watch Wyatt for the weekend.  I am really looking forward to having time with my hubby before life becomes REALLY crazy.

Preparations and decisions being made: No, we have not picked out a name. We would like to use my middle name (Jane) as a middle name, but that is as far as we have gotten. JB picks a name every week or so and 'tries it out'.  He has been stuck on "Annie" for the past few weeks. It has grown on me, but I just don't think it is exactly the right name.  I always loved "Clara" but now it seems pretty common.

AND NOW DRUMROLL PLEASE........a belly picture!  I'll post a better one of me with a bikini on or something later.  Yes, I tried the maternity tankini and it is AWFUL with swirling material around you, so I am just going to go back to my regular swimwear and allow friends and family to make fun of me.

Note: This was taken after we had been in the sun all day and at the Colonial Country Club (see the golf course behind me) 4th of July Picnic.  If I look nasty and sweaty - it is b/c I was.

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