Sunday, July 10, 2011

4th of July Weekend

Since I am so late on this post, I won't go into detail, just post a lot of pictures.  JB had been working a ton lately (including weekends) and he took all 3 days off.  We enjoyed a lot of relaxing and family time.  Here are the pics!

Wy got a new sprinkler to play in!

Sully was excited about the sprinkler too - here he is finally spotting it!

Our neighborhood had a 4th of July parade and had a petting zoo for the kids.  Wyatt LOVED it and wasn't scared a bit of any of the animals.  One of his favorite animals is the turtle so that is the first thing he went for.

So many cute little things to pet.  Isn't this mini brahma cow the cutest?!?!

We never get family pics, so even though Wy was giving the toad face - we'll take it!

 Eating a picnic dinner at Colonial's 4th Festivities

Wyatt loves watermelon!

Wyatt, of course, just wanted to run everywhere and Uncle Taylor took a shift of chasing after him.


Mommy had the easier job of just feeding him when he needed a running break. Look at those red cheeks! It was HOT!

Daddy and Wyatt

We decided to head out before the fireworks. We were exhausted from chasing after Wy and the fireworks weren't going to start for another hour.  Maybe next year we'll make it to the end! (another toad face brought to you courtesy of Wyatt - my child really does smile quite often, just not for the camera).

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