Monday, July 11, 2011

Abandon Ship!

Well, I think it has happened.  We have finally hit the point that sometimes there is nothing you can do but abandon ship when Wyatt starts to have a meltdown.

Saturday (after Wyatt and I had been in the car for many hours coming back from my parents) we decided since there wasn't much in the house to eat, we'd go out.  Not a good idea.  It took a while to get seated and then once we got our tablemhe was just done.  JB took him to the car and I asked to get our order to go - FIRST time EVER we have had to do that.  Wyatt fell asleep in the car on the quick trip home (it was only around 6:30, well before his bedtime).

Today we made a quick trip to the Container Store for some items - only errand we were running.  I didn't peruse the store - just got in, got what I wanted (note, I am not silly enough to say "needed" b/c I don't think that store has anything anyone needs, but love it anyways) and headed to the checkout.  Their systems were down, OF COURSE, and they were filling out manual sales slips.  Wyatt started to melt faster than a popsicle outside on a day like today....I took him out of the cart but that didn't help much b/c then he just wanted down. Had I not been so far into the checkout process and had a super fast cashier, I would have just abandoned ship.

Wyatt has always been a good "out and about kid" but I know they all go through these phases, so I guess this starts ours where public outings are a volatile situation.

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