Saturday, July 9, 2011

Favorite Websites for Munchkin Stuff

When I have a minute to play on the web or when I know of a specific baby/kid item I am looking for, I always check out the following sites: - I have purchased SO many of our "gear things" (convertible carseat, double stroller, extra pack-n-play, etc) here.  Fabulous sales prices. & & & - daily "specials" - where I get a lot of my diapers and formula.  NO shipping and the ease of not having to haul crates of heavy formula home from BRU. - can't go wrong with adorable homemade items for baby and nursery

What are some sites you like to look for kids stuff on?

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  1. Laura told me about (not exactly sure of the website) that has daily deals. I like plain old Amazon (register at and you get free shipping!) and love Etsy! -Allena