Monday, July 18, 2011

Forest Park Train

We took Wyatt a couple weekends ago to ride the Forest Park Train (yeah yeah, I am a bit late on this post).  It was fantastic.  It was $10 for all three of us to ride  - such a deal when compared to other train rides, as this one goes over the river and thru fun scenic stuff and lasts about 45 minutes!

Wyatt loved it.  He is quite obsessed with choo-choos and cars and airplanes lately.  When we got to the Trinity Park Station and took a break to let other passengers on/off.  JB let him get off and run around and he wanted to play rather than get back on the train. He sat in my lap and pouted for the next few minutes but finally got over it.

We tried to get him to sit in our laps so he could see better, but he wanted to sit on the bench like a big boy.

It was very bright and sunny!

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