Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Men of my Dreams

Or rather....the men who prevent my dreams.

My night/morning...
2AM  "MAAAAMMAAAA!" I am awoken suddenly by cries from Wyatt.  I must admit although immediately startled awake, I listened for about 45 seconds before I actually throw the covers off myself and head down the hall (hoping he'll go back to sleep).  It was some sort of obvious nightmare about what I presume was a nasty rabid dog, as when I entered his room he was clinging to his puffin bird stuffed animal for dear life and frantically trying to throw his beloved puppy stuffed animal and puppy lovey blanket out of his bed.  He then proceeded to refuse to lay down on me in his rocker, trying to remain sitting completely upright and fighting to not go back to sleep.  He finally succumbed to fatigue in about 20 minutes of rocking and I put him back to bed.

Ahh, sweet slumber, here I come again....

2:45 AM "SNOOOREEE.  Snort. SNOOOREEE."  Really?  Sully's bedroom (aka the utility room) is under remodel, getting a new tile floor, so he is sleeping in our bedroom tonight and you would think my 20 lb dachshund was a 200 lb great dane with a severe sinus infection by the way he breaths all swirled up under his blankets.  I turn up the monitor hoping Wyatt's sound machine noise will drown him out.

Ahh, I am sleeping finally, dreaming of beautiful nursery decor for baby girl's room (it is completely occupying my thoughts right now as I bought her an antique dresser yesterday and am so excited to begin redoing it). 

3:15 AM "AH! AH! GET AWAY!!" JB jumps out of bed, turning on his bedside lamp and waving at the air as though he is being attacked by a swarm of angry African bees.  Good Lord, do these people have it out for me??

"Remember that crazy black bug thing that was in our house a few weeks ago?"

"Yes.  I killed it a few weeks ago."
"I think it is back.  I just heard it buzz by my head!"  {JB has turned on every light in the bathroom and bedroom now and Sully has started his grumbling ascent out from underneath his covers to see what the commotion is about.}
"Don't think bugs can come back to life." {Would have had a wittier comeback about bug zombies had it not been so early in the morning.}
"It is here somewhere I just heard a buzz by my head." {JB now with a rolled up magazine swatting randomly at the air and for some reason tapping our headboard as though he is sending a morse code of "I'm going to get you, sucker!" to the bug.}
"Just fan the air or something." {Me trying to get him to stop tapping on the headboard as I put my pillow over my head both to block out the light and if there is a nasty bug flying around, I don't want to encounter it.}
"Fan!  Good idea!" {JB turns on our bedroom fan full blast - not at all what my suggestion was.}
"Sully was snoring, maybe you heard that or are dreaming.  Shut off the lights and come back to bed."

"Okay. I'll find it in the morning, but I know it is here."

"WHINE. WHIMPER." {Sully is at the bedroom door thinking it must be morning and time for breakfast.}

"GO BACK TO BED SULLY!" {With a defeated look, he obediently returns to his blankets. Such a good puppy even though I threaten to kill him at least once a day when he barks during Wyatt's nap.}

3:20AM "SNOOOREEE.  Snort. SNOOOREEE." Oh Good Gosh, Sully!!  I'll just get up and blog about you people. 

In my next house I am doing the Lucy & Ricky, with possibly even separate bedrooms, not just the twin beds!


  1. This post made me laugh out loud bc all these things happen at our house, too! Glad I'm not the only one! :)

  2. Hysterical! At first I expected a cheesy post about how much you love them blah, blah, blah - this was way better, ha! -Allena