Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nice to meet you. My name is Drab.

Okay, so my friend Dawn turned me to The Southern Eclectic Blog and I suppose I should tell her "thank you" since now I stalk Sheridan French.  But instead, I should also say DARN YOU, because the blog makes me feel like a drab frumpy person who has no style and is a total decorating loser.  I mean this gal even has a post about "what she wore" and in one has on red lipstick  - she is so out of my league.  It will be a long time before I could even talk myself into attempting that and when I do, then I'll just be the old crazy lady with the red lipstick that is mostly on her teeth.

We moved into our house in August of 2006.  I still have barely anything on the walls.  Only a couple of rooms have window treatments and other than Wyatt's room, no other room in the house has any sort of design theme or is close to looking finished.  Not to mention, the items that are in all my rooms are DRAB.  I used to say we were just people who liked "earth tones" but who am I kidding. My taste is boring and safe. 

I whole-heartedly want to be a woman of style who can boldly accessorize not only herself but her home with oranges and hot pinks and turquoises.  But alas, I am not confident enough nor that creative. But am pushing myself to start with baby steps.  The good thing about having everything so "neutral" is that I can start with purposeful little pops of color and see how I feel about them.

Be honest, Friends.  Do you really think being hip and stylish can be acquired or are you just born with it?

Here are my first itsy bitsy baby steps towards non-drabness.

These are some organization boxes for the new built-ins that will be in the front office/den.  I must admit that as soon as I got them home, I thought "damn, these are bright. maybe I should just go back and get the brown ones" but I am going to resist that tendency and use them.  They were on sale even, at the Container Store!

This is the material I have purchased to make curtains for my dining room. I think it is the perfect touch of color and has both a bit of traditional and modern. Now if I can just get my rear in gear and find someone to make them for me.

This is my attempt to accessorize myself.  When I run to the store solo, I always take my trusty brown clutch.  This one is fun, summery, larger (so I can put my keys in it and not have to carry them separately) and was made completely out of recycled material (you're welcome, Earth).  It was also on sale for $9.99 at Container Store.

You'll also notice I updated my blog background to be a bit bolder!


  1. I like it! And I would totally have to take the same approach. Basic neutrals make it easier to mix and match without having to repaint. :-)

  2. haha- I hear you! the problem with her blog is it makes me insanely jealous and makes me feel completely inadequate....not good! But she does have amazing style (something I definitely think you're either born with or not). Although it helps that she also seems to have no shortcomings in the moolah department which has got to make it easier, right? :)

  3. SO true Dawn about her lack of budget. I have clicked on some of the clothing items (especially these cute tunic shirts she wears) and found them to be pretty pricey. I have vowed to try to just learn to sew them for myself and baby girl on the way by next summer. We'll see if that happens - they look pretty easy to recreate but who knows. Thanks for turning me onto her though!! she also has great links on her blog for nursery ideas for my little one on the way.

  4. I love the fabric for the curtains! My house is probably boring to other people, but we are happy with how it looks and with having lots of neutrals, we can change the accessories as we see fit without spending a lot of money and can have pops of color. Don't sweat the small stuff, learn what you can and WANT to apply and go for small changes at a time. Can't wait to see the progress. -Allena