Saturday, July 2, 2011


Wyatt has been accompanying me to the bathroom since he became mobile. I have even blogged at times about my desire to go to the bathroom alone but I TAKE IT ALL BACK!!  IT WAS WORTH IT!!!

Wyatt was playing in the living room with JB.  They had his train set going (one of his favorite things now) and suddenly stood up and said "tee tee". JB didn't even catch it, but luckily even though I was in the kitchen, I did.  I asked if he wanted to go tee tee in the potty and he took off to our bathroom at the back of the house (only one working with the remodel going on). We took of his diaper (dry) and HE PEED! J.B. and I whooped, hollered and clapped and he smiled and said "I TEE TEE!"

I don't even have him a little potty yet (definitely need to get him one b/c when he went on the big potty most of it came shooting out at me thru the space between the seat and the bowl).  I haven't been pushing it - just explain to him when I go and let him help me flush the potty.  I have noticed lately that he is dry when he gets up from nap and a couple of times have sat him on the potty for a minute if he is happy to do it, but nothing has ever happened.  Yesterday I stuck him on before his bath (while the water ran, thinking that might help) and then when I put him in the bath he smiled pointed at himself and said "tee tee" and sure enough he was peeing in the bath.  So, from that I knew he really understood.

We'll see! Not going to push it too much at this point but are SUPER excited to think about the possibilities of only changing 1 set of diapers when the new baby comes.

Here is our celebratory picture.  Had to have a picture from the day, even if it is a bad phone picture :)

Daddy and Mommy are so proud of our little "tee tee-er" :)

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