Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wyatt - 18 Months

WARNING - LONG POST.  I haven't updated about Wyatt in a while and wanted to do a snapshot of all that is going on with him right now.

Wyatt had his 18 month checkup last week (a week late).  Here are our little monkey's stats:

Height: 31.75 inches (they make him lay down until he is 2, so I don't think it is very accurate).
Weight: 24 lbs 12.5oz
Head: 48.5 cm

He is around the 30th percentile for height/weight and the 70th for head. 

Wy has quite a few words although many just Mommy understands (even Daddy has to ask for translation sometimes).  He also has many gestures that mean things (such as "mambo" and a hand pointed to the sky means he wants to go outside).  He makes a lot of animal noises instead of saying their true names - we are working on that, but when you ask him to say lion, he just roars at you.  If you ask him the color of anything, it is "Boo (blue)" and if you ask him how old he is or how many things there are, it is "Two". He'll repeat some other numbers and colors, but does not accurately identify yet and those are his go-to's.

Just to document a few he says regularly.....he "says"......Momma, Dada, JuJu, Goc (Doc), Guncle (Uncle Taylor), Nana, Gandad (Grandad), Su (Sully),  Nanda (slightly different from Nana for Aunt Amanda), Mimi (when naming both his great grandma and asked about a pic of himself), Kitty, Duck, Goose, ChooChoo, Car, Guck (truck), Poop, TeeTee, Bye Bye, Hi, Cracker, Cookie, Cheese, Apple, Pippo (hippo), turtle, bird, Fi (fish and he does the sign language motion for it), Wower (flower), Bath, Yadder (slide - we always tell him to go to the ladder to climb up the right way), YegYeg (Eggs or Glasses), BobBob (SpongeBob), Chair, Baboon (balloon), Shoes, More, Pssst (Please - it is a strange sound but we know that is what it means), Wall, Keys, Doodle (for his magnadoodle) Milk, Juice, WaWa (water), Nana (Banana), Bread, BaBa (baby bottle), Night Night, Stairs, Ball, Bayball (baseball), Tees (trees), Leaves, Dirt, Walk, Park, Kids, People, Man, Yeah (trying to change it to "yes" for politeness sake), Pi-woah (pillow), Boo (blue), Two, Bee (any bug)......he will repeat a lot of words you say as well, but not use them on his own....I am sure I am leaving out a ton.

And if you don't think he is paying attention all the time, you are wrong - especially now that he is forward facing in the car.  If we drive anywhere on University he starts shouting out animal noises thinking we are headed to the zoo.  If we drive anywhere on Hulen, he starts yelling about JuJu's house (JB's parents).

He is a super focused kid when it comes to trying to get a toy to do something.  Favorite thing lately - latches and buckles.  He always wants to mess with the buckle in the grocery store cart and will spend a long time standing in front of his high chair playing with the straps.  You would think it would frustrate him that he can't do it, but he just keeps working at it. 

Cars, trains and animal toys now all 'drive' or 'walk' to their destinations. He makes them go up walls, across people's laps, etc.  Nothing can get from point A to point B by simply putting it there - it has to 'travel'.  He still loves the ride-on car my parents got him for Christmas and this is his mode of transportation around the house.  When you tell him to head back to his room for a diaper change - he hops on his car and rides it to the doorway, parks it and goes in his room, then rides it back into the living room.  His legs are getting too long for it, as when he goes super fast, his feet look like flippers on a swimmer b/c he pumps, pumps, then coasts with them pulled up behind him.  It is super funny.  We tried to switch him to a rocket that JB's parents bought him, but it doesn't go as fast, so he usually sticks with his car. 

Other favorite toys are his new train system, magnadoodle (likes to order you what to draw), puzzles and books.  He LOVES to be read to and look at books.

He LOVES to be outside and just wants to be there all day - unfortunately it is just too hot to do that, so we endure what we can of the heat and then I wrestle him inside (usually promising a SpongeBob video - yeah yeah, so I'm not Mom of the Year).

Wyatt is OBSESSED with SpongeBob.  He has loved him since he was about 9 months old, but it is ridiculous now.  If the TV is on (which I am trying to limit as much as possible but it is hard now with the remodel and trying to keep him occupied in one room), then he is demanding BobBob. Nana got him a DVD of 10 episodes and I fear we are going to have to replace it soon, as it has been watched so much already.  He laughs and points and will giggle and shake his head when stuff is going on.  It cracks me up.  And it isn't the worst thing I could have to watch with him - it is actually fairly entertaining.

We had a few days of interest in the potty, now they are inconsistent - FALSE ALARM ON THE POTTY TRAINING, PEOPLE.  So, I just stick him on it before baths and randomly during the day when he asks.  Sometimes there is peeing, sometimes not.

We are taking a Little Gym class this summer (read: activity with AIR CONDITIONING!) and Wy really loves it. He has really progressed (although for some reason really fights tucking his head for front rolls). He likes all the other kids, dancing when there is music and climbing on everything. He has become really good at the balance beam and mastering some of the mini-obstacle courses they have setup.  He follows directions pretty well there - they are great at keeping the action moving.

Wyatt is just an overall great easy-going kid.  He minds as well as any toddler, throws a fit here and there but gets over it fast and is just fun to be with.  My pediatrician said again this visit how brave and social Wyatt is - after Wy was going straight up to him to hand him toys and offer him a cracker out our visit.  He isn't scared of new people, is a very confident and secure kid (which is sometimes bad b/c it is hard to get him to want to hold my hand and stay with me) but Dr. W says he'll be a good big brother and thinks he'll adjust great when the new baby comes. I think so too.

JB and I really feel blessed to be his parents.  Not everyone has such a cute happy kid (or maybe all parents think that).  He keeps my days interesting and fun.  There is nothing like that random kiss and hug that he gives during the day, that makes my heart melt.   Although my job is tough some days, kissing those chubby cheeks all day makes it all worth it.

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  1. I love posts like this! He sounds like so much fun!! -Allena