Thursday, August 4, 2011

Suzy Homemaker

I am by no means the most organized or put-together person. But I am a huge advocate for efficiency.  I would strive to find ways to be efficient in my old career in the business world and now in my job of running my household and raising babies, I strive to have that same constant movement toward efficiency.

I have learned some "tricks" to making my week go smoother and at the same time being able to take care of my family with greater ease and more joy.  So, I am starting a new "label line" of posts that will be classified as Suzy Homemaker (I wanted a more creative tag like mom-ficiency but I'll just continue to work on that). 

I hope someone can use these tips to help them simplify their life and have a more efficient household, whatever that dynamic might be...babies, hubby or just you and your pet fish.  I also hope my readers will send me tips to help me be more efficient and I can pass them on!

I am always looking for anything that saves me time, hassle and money, while better caring for my family and household!  I especially need more tips now that Baby Girl will be arriving in just 2 1/2 months!

My first Suzy Homemaker post was earlier this week with Shot of Vinegar, look for many more to come!!

Oh, and no worries--there will be no How-To's on extreme couponing....I am not THAT efficient. :)

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  1. You know my problem - organization! I was doing a lot better but the last 2 weeks have been a bit overwhelming with out of town work trips. UGH. -Allena