Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wyatt's First Mega Bloks Tower

We bought Wyatt some mega bloks a while back, but then started the remodel and they were never opened.  I brought them out for him today to play with, while I continue organizing and moving us into the new office space (nothing like whipping out a new toy when you need to get something done).  Also a shout out to Mega Bloks for a great product!!

I sat down with him for the first few minutes to show him how to push them down on one another.  As you can see, he got lazy (or perhaps he was trying to be artistic) at the end having them loose and leaning. 

Because I am the Mommy, I was pretty impressed with how organized and structural it is.  We are thinking Wyatt is going to be an engineer with how he is always trying to figure out how things work and is never satisfied if things are situated just right.

Note, the flash didn't go off but I couldn't get another pic b/c Wy now "understands" the camera.  He will say CHEESE for a second but then runs to you b/c he wants to see the picture you took.

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  1. We have some of these blocks that came as part of a dump truck set. Trent has never really wanted to build w/ the blocks - they are 'trash' that go in his garbage truck - ha! Maybe we need more to truly show him how to build! -Allena