Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pinterest Project #2 : Faux Roman Shades

My breakfast nook has lovely (ahem, please note the extreme sarcasm) metal framed windows.  We eventually are going to replace all the windows in our house, but for now they are super energy efficient and FREE, so we are going to wait until a future date for that project.  In the meantime, I wanted to make them prettier and JB (who has very little opinions on how our home should be decorated) feels very strongly about not blocking the light and view to our backyard (not that it is a beautiful oasis, but we like seeing nature). 

So, it only took about an hour total (broke it up into a couple of naptimes) and I have some window treatments.  And it only took the following:

6 tension rods from Target (I think around $3 each on sale - so $20 bucks total)
1 60x90 tablecloth from World Market (on sale for $29.99)
Stitch Witchery (the most amazing stuff ever)

No, I forgot to take before shot and only have a couple "in progress" shots.  I am too lazy to take them down to take pics, but HERE is the tutorial I used as a guide.

1.  I cut the tablecloth in half so that it was 45 x 60.  The tutorial said to try to have the fabric be the length of your windows (mine are 72, but I decided it was close enough, especially since I wanted them to be short).

2.  I trimmed the fabric from 45 inches to 37 inches and then used an iron and stitch witchery to make a nice 1 inch rolled hem that matched the already sewn 1 inch hem on the other side.

Sorry, I couldn't get it to turn - but you get the idea.
3.  Then I folded the material in half with the "good side" out (this is where I did something different from the guide).  The guide said to iron/sew a seam so that when you do it the good sides are together and then you flip it, but since I had a nice hem already, I just joined them together with the good side out.  See?

The fabric/tablecloth is not my favorite but it was good to try out and matches some of the colors in my house - best thing about it is that it is cheap and easy and I could easily replace it!
4.  Finally, you hang the fabric (probably need to look at the guide to do this.  Basically you put your first tension rod thru the halved fabric at the very top and then space the next 2 evenly down the window and drape the materially over it.  I think it would probably work best to figure out how you want it and then iron in the creases better.  Also, what is super cool is that they look the same from the inside and outside, so from the patio view they look great as well!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Don't Leave Home Without It!

Your grocery list that is!  I really strive to run an efficient household and it shouldn't be too hard with just a hubby and one kiddo (right now), right? But I have learned that the little things really make a HUGE difference and I thought I could share those things that help me out - maybe they will help someone else out!

How many times have you opened your pantry and it is overflowing but there is NOTHING to make for dinner?  Or when is the last time you cleaned out your pantry/fridge and when you did, you threw out quite a bit of expired stuff?  Yeah, happened to me a lot too, before I started making a grocery list and sticking to it.

So, here are my Suzy Homemaker tips for groceries:

1.  Keep a notepad in your kitchen.  When you see that you are almost out of something, put it on the list right then. 

2.  I try to go shopping around the same time every week (Sunday or Monday) so that I have learned my family's consumption on the basics, also I am not big on having to go more than once a week.  We are lucky to have an extra fridge, so I can stock up on a few gallons of milk to have for spares. 

3.  I inventory before I make my list.  I take a look at what I have in the fridge and pantry to see what I need to use up soon.  Using what we already have to figure out the weekly meals helps out a lot with wasting of food (I was so guilty of it in the past).

4.  When I make my final list, I plan out to the final ingredients/sides to 3-4 meals for the week and I write those meals at the top of my list so they are a reminder of what I am focused on for the week.  I usually try to do a beef, chicken, veggie and/or fish, just to have some variety, and I also look at the grocery ads on Sunday to see what is on sale and that helps with the weekly menu.  I look at our calendar for the week to see what nights will be best for leftovers. 
4. Even though I'll have a full list written out, I will re-write it in aisle order - sounds silly but it means I don't zig zag all over the store with Wyatt in tow and letting my cold stuff get warm.  A few minutes at home saves more than a few at the store.

5.  I only buy what's on the list (okay okay, now that I am preggers, I sometimes crave a random type of cookie) but all in all, I very rarely get anything that is not on my list. 

6. I carry a pen and mark off my list as I put it in the cart, so I don't get home and realize I forgot something on my list (having the list in order also helps with this).

7. I go thru my coupons before I leave and put them in a ziploc bag of the things I will buy so I don't have to fiddle with them at the store, just hand them over at the register. 

Anybody else have any great grocery tips to share???

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What's Up, Wyatt?

Haven't posted pics of the little man in a while.  Here is what he's been up to lately!


Age: 21 months next week.
Favorite Foods: Apples, Grapes, Olives (black and green), French Fries, Waffles, and Pizza
Favorite Activity: Playing with the water hose in the backyard (helping momma water the trees) - being outside at all is what is most fun for Wy.  He loves to explore and dig in the dirt (all boy).
Favorite Toys: Anything choo-choos is top dog right now.  He goes to sleep talking about choo-choos and wakes up asking about them.  He also loves reading books in his "new chair" (his glider moved to baby girl's room and was replaced with a big comfy recliner that had been in the man cave).  He is a puzzle WIZARD. Yes, everyone thinks their child is super smart, but seriously, the kid is amazing with puzzles. 
Speech: Wy "talks" a lot but mainly only we can understand him.  He has some very clear words, like Turtle, Noodles, Cracker, Cookies, Goose, Car, No, Purple, etc... and a few people's names that are very clear, but other than that he has a zillion "wyatt words".  He does a ton of animal noises and can identify (by pointing out) a massive amount of animals in his Noah's Ark book (what other kid his age knows bison, walrus and otter - at least I think it is pretty good).  But when you ask him to say cow, he "moos" and looks at you like "I AM saying cow, crazy!"
Wyatt: He is such a sweet boy.  He gives random hugs and kisses, has tons of energy and tons of laughs and is a just a happy kid all around.   He is so focused for such a little guy and detail oriented. He lines up his cars, choo-choos and animals and makes them slide down the couch in an orderly fashion.  It cracks us up how OCD he is (but he comes by it honestly).  If he does "pitch a fit" it just involves him hitting the floor for about 5 seconds and if you walk away he pops up and is his happy self again.  He loves to cuddle and talk in his chair before nap and bedtime and I am trying to cherish those times where it is just he and I with no interruptions.  I am so lucky to be his Mommy.

So, what has he been up to lately??? *note, some of these are pics from my phone so ignore the poor quality.

Lining up his toys on the back of his chair.

When your mommy's OB appt lasts for 2 hours b/c Dr. S got pulled away on a delivery, you get to play with glove balloons!

You take my child to the mall and he immediately requests a cookie, to ride the carousel (not at our mall, but my sister's) and to go see the fountains.  Here he is enjoying not only a cookie but a chocolate shake - yeah, Mommy was a sucker that day.

We spend a ton of time outside (yeah and sometimes we do it in our pjs) but we always have the radio on with us while we are weeding.  Wyatt likes to change the channel and turn up the volume and dance. It is so funny.

And here is the amazing train table that we got as a hand-me-down from Cousin Grace and Cousin Tessa.  It is a HUGE hit.  I set it up during nap time and when he woke up and came down the hall and saw it, you would have thought it was Christmas morning.  he spends a LOT of time at the choo-choo table.

Wy has also discovered forts or "tents" as we call them and asks me to set him one up almost everyday. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Baby Girl Update

I had my 36 week appointment yesterday (a few days early).  We had a sonogram and everything looks great - she is heads down, spine out, has a big head and is already estimated to be 6lbs 4 oz (Wyatt was 6 lbs 11oz at birth).

Dr. S checked me, said I was right where I should be for 36 weeks and said he is not really allowed to put me on the calendar for an induction until I am closer to 38 weeks.  He was thinking maybe we could go ahead and let her cook until October 19th (a day before my original due date).  I told him he was CRAZY - what happened to saying we could have her a week early!  I told him I was getting her out the week before that with or without his assistance.  I mean she is already just a 1/2 lb away from what Wyatt was at birth and has a big head according to the sonogram.  We'll see though.

I also got blood work done again...have been having to do labs every appointment for a while now.  My platelets have been a little lower than average and they wanted to watch them.  Nothing serious at all.  If I remember correctly, average range is 140-190 and I have been consistently around the mid 130s.  If it fell below 90 then we would have a problem b/c I couldn't get an epidural. 

OH, and the other fun finding of why I think another 4 weeks of being pregnant doesn't sound so fun....I gained another 5.5lbs in 2 weeks - yep.  Up a total of 29 lbs now.  Yowzers, no wonder it feels like I have to roll myself out of bed to go the bathroom!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

35 Weeks

How far along: 35 Weeks

How big is baby: According to babycenter.com she is about 5lbs or a bit more and about 18 inches long.

Total weight gain: 23 lbs as of last Wednesday (my 34 week appointment). To many this doesn't sound like much....but when you start out at 96 pounds it feels like a TON.

Last Dr's Appt: Last week on Wednesday.  We have a sonogram schedule for this coming Monday, Sept. 19th to see that she is truly turned (we think she is but even with Dr. S pushing around on my stomach, he wasn't totally certain). Also going to check her size and then make a decision about an induction date, if we feel it might be good to have it.

How am I feeling: Well, it is kind of funny b/c I got my weekly pregnancy update email this morning and It as talking all about feet and ankles swelling and I thought "glad I don't have to mess with that" then mid-morning I looked down to notice that the bones in my feet had disappeared.  This time around I think the heat of the summer and running around after Wyatt is a little rougher on my body. But in general, I am doing al right physically and everyday I feel a little more mentally prepared for her arrival and the thought of having two little ones to care for. 

I can't wait for Wyatt to be a big brother.  He frequently pats my stomach and says "sister" and likes to lift up my shirt and rub my belly (yes, I know he has no clue there is a baby inside and will probably continue this habit after she is born which I will have to break him of) but we really don't say too much about it or force him to talk about sister, he just does it on his own.  He also likes to show people "sister's room" now. 

Wyatt is just a super neat little guy (yes, I know I am biased) but he is so kind and I know will be with her when she arrives.  I was watching him today, play with his trains (he is obsessed) and our dog, Sully, walked by him and he smiled and said "Hi Sul" and gave him a sweet gentle pat and Sully licked him and laid down right beside him.  It made me smile he has such a gentle nature about him.  He has had his moments that Sully stayed clear of him (around a year old he liked to ram Sully when riding on his car) but now understands a bit more, I think about how to be kind to people/pets.   I know we will probably have to have "gentle hands" talks, but already he gives random hugs and kisses and I feel so blessed that he has such a loving little soul.

Food Cravings: Eating just about everything lately - have had a recent craving for gingerbread cookies. Although as she grows she doesn't leave me a lot of pigging-out room so I am snacking a lot more right now.

Milestones: Sono on Monday will give us a better glimpse into her future delivery (size and position) and this will start me going to the doctor weekly. 

What I'm looking forward to: Nana and Grandad (aka: the Amazing Grandparent Duo) came down a couple weekends ago and while JB watched Wyatt, I minimally helped the two of them completely paint the nursery (going from dark blue to baby pink was quite an undertaking).  Dad and I also installed a rubbermaid closet system.  This weekend, the AGD will come to visit, this time bringing up baby girl's dresser that they refinishing/repaired/totally redid.  An antique one I bought from a shop down in Gtown - mom is worried it is not perfect enough, but that is what I love about antiques...I keep telling her it will be great!

I can't say 'Thank You' enough to them and have NO way of ever repaying them for all that they have helped us do (aka: basically everything).  If it weren't for my mother being panicked that I was going to bring her granddaughter home to an unfit room, baby girl would be sleeping in the blue man cave with George Brett pics above her crib and her clothes stored in boxes. 

SHOUT OUT to JuJu and Doc that bought her a beautiful white girlie crib - she is going to be such a spoiled little thing.  I'll post pics of everything soon.

Preparations and decisions being made: Work on the nursery continues on...see above.
Still have not decided on a name...some of the current front runners (but not limited to these):  Caroline Jane, Hannah Jane and Callie Jane.  Feel free to leave opinions or comments - they will be taken under some sort of consideration :) I say that with a smile b/c we had polls setup for Wyatt name (but not with Wyatt on them) but his name just came to us suddenly and it felt so right that we decided on it immediately.  We are unfortunately not having those epiphanies this go-round.

Took Maternity pics with the neatest and most talented gal tonight - Adrien P. Maroney.

Here is a sneak peak of one of the sweet more artsy ones she took.  I love it. :

http://www.apmdesignphotography.com/  Adrien is Awesome!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Pinterest Project # 1 : Homemade Hand Scrub

DANG YOU PINTEREST! As if I don't have enough projects on my to-do list already, now you have added a zillion more!

Pinterest Project #1: Homemade Hand Scrub

I admit I never wear rubber gloves when doing the dishes or cleaning the bathrooms.  I bite my nails (which makes my cuticles also nasty) and my hands look like "workin' man hands".  They are dried out and rough.  Here's the solution!

I used THIS recipe - sort of.  Just kind of winged it and did equal parts brown and regular sugar and some EVOO and a few teaspoons of vanilla for scent.  I have just used it and my hands feel incredible (followed it up with just some run-of-the-mill lotion)!  I can't wait to try different variations and find other scents to add to it (thinking holiday scents to be given as gifts and also maybe some sort of mint for a foot scrub??!?!).

**The only thing I would change is use mineral oil instead of EVOO...my hands smell a little "italian kitchen" even with the vanilla added.

Thanks Pinterest!  This is definitely not my first project inspired by you!

If you want to check out other things I like, click HERE or to the right!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

33 Weeks

How far along: 33 Weeks.....49 days until my due date. And that is if we wait until her due date to meet her!

How big is baby: According to babycenter.com she is about 4 lbs and 17 inches long. Starting to sound like a baby, huh??  Scary. 

Total weight gain: 20.5 lbs - as of my 32 week appointment.  I had a 5 lb weight gain the  prior appt, so my small 1/2 lb gain for these two weeks, evens me out a bit and puts me back in-line to gain what I did with Wyatt......although, I really feel whalish this time around.

Last Dr's Appt: Last week - According to my doctor, she/I am measuring "right on", which with Wyatt I was always a bit behind, so we are thinking this little girl might not be as small as her brother. My great doc said he was definitely okay with inducing me at 39 weeks (same as Wyatt). YES, PLEASE! I am a planner after all!  I love to be able to know when my parents need to come up and especially want to be able to coordinate who will be watching Wyatt (leaving him is a big anxiety for me right now...not that I don't know he will be well-cared for by whichever family member ends up watching him, but just that I am about to really alter his world).

Maternity clothes: Stupid question. Note the "whalish" comment above.

How am I feeling: Unprepared nursery-wise, but ready not to be pregnant anymore and excited to meet baby girl.  I feel slow and my back hurts a lot.  I feel like I complain a lot to my poor husband this time around and have to have "pep talks" with myself.  BUT, I feel happy that I still have a little more "just Mommy and Wyatt time" left.

Food Cravings: As with my Wyatt-pregnancy, I love nasty fast food and desserts. I have been eating chocolate and candy bars - very unlike my normal self.

Milestones: Now I am going to the doctor every 2 weeks and pretty soon (at 36 weeks) will start going EVERY week.  Although I am not "full term" the farther I get along the more reassuring it is, that if something happens early, she would be okay.  Also the more real this whole "I am about to be a mom of 2 KIDS!" thing gets.  It is so crazy and I don't know that it has really sunk in yet.

What I'm looking forward to: Getting the nursery started and finished hopefully in the next few weeks.  Next week at my doctor's appt, we are going to look at the on-call schedule and set a possible induction date.  I am anxious for my 36/37 week sono to confirm she has "flipped" - the constant feet in the ribs and what I think is her hard little bottom at my belly button makes me THINK she is heads down already, but I am hoping to get that confirmed.

Preparations and decisions being made: Bought a crib (is in the nursery and assembled).  Bought (online) bedding that is in route.  Have a plan for the nursery.  Still have no name (yeah yeah, we need to get going on this).  JB is still voting "Annie" and I like it, but it doesn't call to me - but then again, nothing does.  Also, we know of two little ones born in the last few weeks that have been named some form of Anne or Anna and one of them is going by Annie. So it is kind of weird to think of naming her something that we already know is "out there" a lot amongst our circle of peers and friends. 

Not the best pic, but at least you can see how big baby girl is getting! Yowzers!