Thursday, September 1, 2011

33 Weeks

How far along: 33 Weeks.....49 days until my due date. And that is if we wait until her due date to meet her!

How big is baby: According to she is about 4 lbs and 17 inches long. Starting to sound like a baby, huh??  Scary. 

Total weight gain: 20.5 lbs - as of my 32 week appointment.  I had a 5 lb weight gain the  prior appt, so my small 1/2 lb gain for these two weeks, evens me out a bit and puts me back in-line to gain what I did with Wyatt......although, I really feel whalish this time around.

Last Dr's Appt: Last week - According to my doctor, she/I am measuring "right on", which with Wyatt I was always a bit behind, so we are thinking this little girl might not be as small as her brother. My great doc said he was definitely okay with inducing me at 39 weeks (same as Wyatt). YES, PLEASE! I am a planner after all!  I love to be able to know when my parents need to come up and especially want to be able to coordinate who will be watching Wyatt (leaving him is a big anxiety for me right now...not that I don't know he will be well-cared for by whichever family member ends up watching him, but just that I am about to really alter his world).

Maternity clothes: Stupid question. Note the "whalish" comment above.

How am I feeling: Unprepared nursery-wise, but ready not to be pregnant anymore and excited to meet baby girl.  I feel slow and my back hurts a lot.  I feel like I complain a lot to my poor husband this time around and have to have "pep talks" with myself.  BUT, I feel happy that I still have a little more "just Mommy and Wyatt time" left.

Food Cravings: As with my Wyatt-pregnancy, I love nasty fast food and desserts. I have been eating chocolate and candy bars - very unlike my normal self.

Milestones: Now I am going to the doctor every 2 weeks and pretty soon (at 36 weeks) will start going EVERY week.  Although I am not "full term" the farther I get along the more reassuring it is, that if something happens early, she would be okay.  Also the more real this whole "I am about to be a mom of 2 KIDS!" thing gets.  It is so crazy and I don't know that it has really sunk in yet.

What I'm looking forward to: Getting the nursery started and finished hopefully in the next few weeks.  Next week at my doctor's appt, we are going to look at the on-call schedule and set a possible induction date.  I am anxious for my 36/37 week sono to confirm she has "flipped" - the constant feet in the ribs and what I think is her hard little bottom at my belly button makes me THINK she is heads down already, but I am hoping to get that confirmed.

Preparations and decisions being made: Bought a crib (is in the nursery and assembled).  Bought (online) bedding that is in route.  Have a plan for the nursery.  Still have no name (yeah yeah, we need to get going on this).  JB is still voting "Annie" and I like it, but it doesn't call to me - but then again, nothing does.  Also, we know of two little ones born in the last few weeks that have been named some form of Anne or Anna and one of them is going by Annie. So it is kind of weird to think of naming her something that we already know is "out there" a lot amongst our circle of peers and friends. 

Not the best pic, but at least you can see how big baby girl is getting! Yowzers!

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  1. I am sure it is overwhelming, but I know you will do great! Post a picture of your bump please! I agree about the name and it already being 'out there' (not that my opinion really matters). -Allena