Thursday, September 15, 2011

35 Weeks

How far along: 35 Weeks

How big is baby: According to she is about 5lbs or a bit more and about 18 inches long.

Total weight gain: 23 lbs as of last Wednesday (my 34 week appointment). To many this doesn't sound like much....but when you start out at 96 pounds it feels like a TON.

Last Dr's Appt: Last week on Wednesday.  We have a sonogram schedule for this coming Monday, Sept. 19th to see that she is truly turned (we think she is but even with Dr. S pushing around on my stomach, he wasn't totally certain). Also going to check her size and then make a decision about an induction date, if we feel it might be good to have it.

How am I feeling: Well, it is kind of funny b/c I got my weekly pregnancy update email this morning and It as talking all about feet and ankles swelling and I thought "glad I don't have to mess with that" then mid-morning I looked down to notice that the bones in my feet had disappeared.  This time around I think the heat of the summer and running around after Wyatt is a little rougher on my body. But in general, I am doing al right physically and everyday I feel a little more mentally prepared for her arrival and the thought of having two little ones to care for. 

I can't wait for Wyatt to be a big brother.  He frequently pats my stomach and says "sister" and likes to lift up my shirt and rub my belly (yes, I know he has no clue there is a baby inside and will probably continue this habit after she is born which I will have to break him of) but we really don't say too much about it or force him to talk about sister, he just does it on his own.  He also likes to show people "sister's room" now. 

Wyatt is just a super neat little guy (yes, I know I am biased) but he is so kind and I know will be with her when she arrives.  I was watching him today, play with his trains (he is obsessed) and our dog, Sully, walked by him and he smiled and said "Hi Sul" and gave him a sweet gentle pat and Sully licked him and laid down right beside him.  It made me smile he has such a gentle nature about him.  He has had his moments that Sully stayed clear of him (around a year old he liked to ram Sully when riding on his car) but now understands a bit more, I think about how to be kind to people/pets.   I know we will probably have to have "gentle hands" talks, but already he gives random hugs and kisses and I feel so blessed that he has such a loving little soul.

Food Cravings: Eating just about everything lately - have had a recent craving for gingerbread cookies. Although as she grows she doesn't leave me a lot of pigging-out room so I am snacking a lot more right now.

Milestones: Sono on Monday will give us a better glimpse into her future delivery (size and position) and this will start me going to the doctor weekly. 

What I'm looking forward to: Nana and Grandad (aka: the Amazing Grandparent Duo) came down a couple weekends ago and while JB watched Wyatt, I minimally helped the two of them completely paint the nursery (going from dark blue to baby pink was quite an undertaking).  Dad and I also installed a rubbermaid closet system.  This weekend, the AGD will come to visit, this time bringing up baby girl's dresser that they refinishing/repaired/totally redid.  An antique one I bought from a shop down in Gtown - mom is worried it is not perfect enough, but that is what I love about antiques...I keep telling her it will be great!

I can't say 'Thank You' enough to them and have NO way of ever repaying them for all that they have helped us do (aka: basically everything).  If it weren't for my mother being panicked that I was going to bring her granddaughter home to an unfit room, baby girl would be sleeping in the blue man cave with George Brett pics above her crib and her clothes stored in boxes. 

SHOUT OUT to JuJu and Doc that bought her a beautiful white girlie crib - she is going to be such a spoiled little thing.  I'll post pics of everything soon.

Preparations and decisions being made: Work on the nursery continues on...see above.
Still have not decided on a name...some of the current front runners (but not limited to these):  Caroline Jane, Hannah Jane and Callie Jane.  Feel free to leave opinions or comments - they will be taken under some sort of consideration :) I say that with a smile b/c we had polls setup for Wyatt name (but not with Wyatt on them) but his name just came to us suddenly and it felt so right that we decided on it immediately.  We are unfortunately not having those epiphanies this go-round.

Took Maternity pics with the neatest and most talented gal tonight - Adrien P. Maroney.

Here is a sneak peak of one of the sweet more artsy ones she took.  I love it. :  Adrien is Awesome!!!


  1. Hannah Jane! I'm just a little biased though. :-) You could even leave the "h" off the end. Ha! You look great! Can't wait to hear about your next appt. :-)

  2. You look beautiful!! -Allena