Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Baby Girl Update

I had my 36 week appointment yesterday (a few days early).  We had a sonogram and everything looks great - she is heads down, spine out, has a big head and is already estimated to be 6lbs 4 oz (Wyatt was 6 lbs 11oz at birth).

Dr. S checked me, said I was right where I should be for 36 weeks and said he is not really allowed to put me on the calendar for an induction until I am closer to 38 weeks.  He was thinking maybe we could go ahead and let her cook until October 19th (a day before my original due date).  I told him he was CRAZY - what happened to saying we could have her a week early!  I told him I was getting her out the week before that with or without his assistance.  I mean she is already just a 1/2 lb away from what Wyatt was at birth and has a big head according to the sonogram.  We'll see though.

I also got blood work done again...have been having to do labs every appointment for a while now.  My platelets have been a little lower than average and they wanted to watch them.  Nothing serious at all.  If I remember correctly, average range is 140-190 and I have been consistently around the mid 130s.  If it fell below 90 then we would have a problem b/c I couldn't get an epidural. 

OH, and the other fun finding of why I think another 4 weeks of being pregnant doesn't sound so fun....I gained another 5.5lbs in 2 weeks - yep.  Up a total of 29 lbs now.  Yowzers, no wonder it feels like I have to roll myself out of bed to go the bathroom!


  1. Poor Em! Sounds like a frustrating appointment! I'll be sending happy thoughts your way. :) Love you!! -Allena

  2. Just had a quick chat with my friend, Amy (who is my soulmate in trying to gain weight). She was telling me her little girl was estimated to be 6 1/2 lbs at her 36 week appt but was born on time at 5lbs 12 oz. Reminded me the sono's are just an estimate! Thanks, Amy!

  3. Good grief! I am proud of you for hitting 29 pounds! I didn't think it was possible. Ha! And worst case scenario, if that head gets too big, you could have a c-section. They aren't that bad. :-) Good luck on having Baby Girl early. I had Alexandra at 36.5 weeks and she weighed 5 lbs 15 oz.